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British producer Matthew Cutler -- bka Lone -- tweeted out a new track today to follow-up his summer album Reality Testing. "Life Time Loop" is a delicate, ambient track that recalls the fragility of…   Read Story »
Lone's Reality Testing jam "Restless City" was released as a single this week with a remix by Head High as the B-side. To complement the single, the original "Restless City" how has an entertaining…   Read Story »
The British producer Lone makes skittery, inward-looking hybrids of house and rap and R&B, and he'll release the new album Reality Testing come summer; we've already posted first single "2 Is 8."…   Read Story »
Earlier this year Wild Beasts released their very good fourth album Present Tense. We recently saw the music video for its "A Simple Beautiful Truth," and now that's been given a smooth remix by…   Read Story »
The British producer Lone makes warm, playful dance music that takes a lot of its rhythmic ideas from rap music. Last year, he made his mark with his album Galaxy Garden. Thus far this year, he's…   Read Story »
For a lot of reasons, it seems less and less likely that we'll hear Broke With Expensive Taste, the long-in-the-works major-label debut from Azealia Banks, anytime soon. But she's already announced a…   Read Story »
UK producer Lone has self-released a new track, "AM Portal," following a track released late last year, "Ghost Channel," as well as last year's full-length Galaxy Garden. It's nearly six minutes of…   Read Story »
On Tuesday, Radiohead's Thom Yorke DJed the TKOL RMX release party at London's Boiler Room, and now the Internet hath provided, as always. Watch the video of the entire show, which also featured sets…   Read Story »
The first King Of Limbs remix 12" -- featuring "Little By Little (Caribou Remix)" b/w "Lotus Flower (Jacques Greene Remix)" -- came out a couple weeks ago. The second single -- "Morning Mr. Magpie"…   Read Story »
A few weeks back James Blake told SPIN, "Remixing is like musical prostitution." Ha -- relax, James Blake. This is the column in which we beg to differ. Much in the spirit of our inaugural Remixtape…   Read Story »