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Swedish electronic group Lust For Youth released International, their third studio album, last month. The group has morphed over the years from the solo project of producer Hannes Norrvide into the…   Read Story »
The first track we heard off Lust For Youth's forthcoming International was, to me, a revelation: "Epoetin Alfa" represented a huge step forward for the band. Here the Swedish producer Hannes…   Read Story »
Swedish producer Hannes Norrvide -- who performs under the name Lust For Youth -- will release his new album, International, in June. Immediately that title feels like it could be a subtle tribute to…   Read Story »
It was just last year that Lust For Youth -- aka Hannes Norrvide -- released his album Growing Seeds, but the Swedish producer hasn't broken his stride. Today, Lust For Youth released a new track and…   Read Story »
Swedish synth-head producer Lust For Youth released his Growing Seeds album last year (check out "It's You"), and now he's getting ready to release a new 12" single called "Chasing The Light." It's a…   Read Story »
The original version of Chelsea Wolfe's "Flatlands" (from her terrific acoustic collection Unknown Rooms) is a somber, mournful dirge full of swelling violins and built on Wolfe's gorgeous,…   Read Story »
Sacred Bones Records is the home of both Cult Of Youth and Swedish electronic producer Lust For Youth, which seems like too many Noun-Preposition-Youth bands for one label to handle. But listening to…   Read Story »
Last week, from 9/10 - 9/16, the Incubate festival moved into the city of Tilburg, in the Netherlands. Along with a range of other cultural offerings, Incubate hosted more than 300 musical acts in a…   Read Story »