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Lykke Li's "No Rest For The Wicked" is great as-is, without extraneous rap verses. But hey, rappers have been loving Lykke at least since Drake sampled "Little Bit" in 2009, and A$AP Rocky already…   Read Story »
This week we heard Lykke Li's new single, "Gunshot," which, as Tom pointed out, is a hell of a power ballad. Now you can hear the Swedish singer perform it in an entirely different way. H&M has…   Read Story »
I Never Learn, the new album from the Swede-pop goddess Lykke Li, looms, and she's already shared two songs, the twin dirges "Love Me Like I'm Not Made Of Stone" and "No Rest For The Wicked."…   Read Story »
Lykke Li's upcoming I Never Learn is full of big emotional ballads, and one of the biggest and most emotional is "No Rest For The Wicked." So it's only fitting that director Tarik Saleh set the song…   Read Story »
Lykke Li is coming back later this spring with her new album I Never Learn, and its first single was the sad, sweeping "Love Me Like I'm Not Made Of Stone." If you were hoping that the rest of the…   Read Story »
While Lykke Li is getting ready to put out her newly announced album I Never Learn she's also starring in the upcoming Swedish thriller Tommy. Today she shares a song from that film titled "Du Är…   Read Story »
Lykke Li -- Swedish indie-pop royalty and inspiration to rappers as disparate as Drake and Tyler, The Creator -- released a trailer for her new album I Never Learn last week. Now comes the first…   Read Story »
Swedish singer Lykke Li has just released a video trailer for her forthcoming album, as well as details of the album's release. Li's new LP will be titled I Never Learn, and it's out May 5. It's the…   Read Story »
Lykke Li hasn't released an album since Wounded Rhymes, her breakthrough LP from 2011, but we can expect a follow-up this spring. Interestingly, she has described her albums as a trilogy, with this…   Read Story »
It's a bit weird for someone to make a movie called Tommy, cast a musician in a big role, and have it be completely unrelated to Pete Townshend's incomprehensible rock opera. But that's what Swedish…   Read Story »