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Last night, on the Odd Future Adult Swim sketch show Loiter Squad, two of the finest inide-music minds of their generation came together to sing about wanting to bone old ladies. In the video, Tyler,…   Read Story »
Mac DeMarco released his new album, Salad Days, earlier this year, but now fans will be getting something more: DeMarco's previously released demos for the albums 2 and the aforementioned Salad Days…   Read Story »
The Polaris Music Prize is one of the only music awards that tends to get it right. The award is given out annually to what is deemed by a large voting pool to be the best Canadian album. We already…   Read Story »
This past weekend, 4Knots Festival 2014 took place in its usual location at the South Street Seaport in NYC. It's a great festival for a few reasons: The location is incredible; admission is free;…   Read Story »
Nardwuar The Human Serviette posted an interview with Mac DeMarco, and like most of Nardwuar's interviews, it revealed a wealth of strange and wonderful stories. The two talk in depth about DeMarco's…   Read Story »
Judging by the comments section, Mac DeMarco's Salad Days was the most controversial omission from our 50 Best Albums Of 2014 So Far list. An artist of the people, he is! So much so that DeMarco is…   Read Story »
This week's list walks the line between calm, serene, stately beauty and extreme blood-splooge trash. Both can be awesome! And both are perfectly legit music-video approaches. But this week, we've…   Read Story »
"Passing Out Pieces," the first single from Mac DeMarco's new album Salad Days, is a pretty, vaporous thing, so of course the video is a nonsensical hardcore bloodfest. Pierce McGarry, the bassist in…   Read Story »
Mac DeMarco recently released Salad Days, and in the last year or so has gained a large following. Pepperoni Playboy is a short documentary on the musician that gives you a look into his recording…   Read Story »
The Bumbershoot Festival goes down in venues around Seattle every year on Labor Day weekend, and the lineup for this year's festivities on 8/30-9/1 just came out. As usual, it's a unique assembly of…   Read Story »