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Look, I tried to ignore this; I really did. But the streets demanded it. (The streets, in this case, are represented by Scott Lapatine, my boss.) Mac Miller, the frat-rap doofus who became a…   Read Story »
Chicago-based retro-rappers the Cool Kids returned earlier this week with two new songs, "Computer School" and "Chop." And now Chuck Inglish, one half of the duo, is about to release his solo debut…   Read Story »
Daniel Johnston, the deeply idiosyncratic and cultishly beloved Texas singer/songwriter, has always had a ton of musician fans, but you wouldn't necessarily expect Lana Del Rey and Mac Miller to…   Read Story »
Over the past few weeks, I've been low-level fascinated with the idea that Mac Miller, the goonish Pittsburgh rapper, somehow embraced his inner stoner weirdo and found a way to get good. His recent…   Read Story »
Look guys, I'm sorry, and I'm not any more ready for this than you are, but we're going to have to start taking Mac Miller seriously. On the strength of recent collabs with people like Flying Lotus,…   Read Story »
When Earl Sweatshirt invited weed-rap superstar Mac Miller to the stage at Low End Theory to perform a new song a few months ago, the combination seemed weird as fuck. But Miller gets better and more…   Read Story »
Here's another one for the "Mac Miller is suddenly interesting now" file: The Pittsburgh weed-rapper, who seems to be feeling a lot freer since his ascent to fratty fame, is the guest on "The End Is…   Read Story »
His ascent was one of the most annoying things to happen to rap music in recent years, but the goonish Pittsburgh weed-rapper Mac Miller has lately been threatening to become interesting. For one…   Read Story »