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The Fresh & Onlys are a busy gang of musicians. In addition to the main band having put out an EP recently, guitarist Wymond Miles just put out a very good solo album. Now another member of their…   Read Story »
Tim Cohen has been staying busy. Just a couple months ago, Cohen's band the Fresh & Onlys released their Soothsayer EP, and now Cohen is finalizing his third album with Magic Trick, River Of Souls,…   Read Story »
Earlier this summer, we heard a vintage rocker called "Torture" from the new album by Magic Trick, the side project of Fresh & Only's Tim Cohen. Today, his group is dropping the imaginative video for…   Read Story »
Tim Cohen (Fresh & Onlys) will release his second LP as Magic Trick this summer, and recently he posted a track from that release, the vintage rock-hearkening "Torture." Download it below. Magic…   Read Story »