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Like the November non-album single "Savage," Majical Cloudz' new "Love Soul" has been a part of the band's live set for some time. As frontman Devon Welsh tells it: "'Love Soul' was written during…   Read Story »
Starting today we're rolling out the winners of the Gummy Awards, Stereogum & Videogum's annual readers' poll. Earlier this month we asked you to vote for 2013's best album, song, music video, new…   Read Story »
"Savage," a new song that the Canadian duo Majical Cloudz shared last month, wasn't on their indelible 2013 album Impersonator, but it's certainly as sparse and intense as anything that did make it…   Read Story »
Determining the year's best albums is, admittedly, a subjective pursuit. But even more than an albums roundup, a list of songs is an intensely personal way to sum up a year in music. It is a process…   Read Story »
Earlier this year, Montreal's Majical Cloudz released the wonderful Impersonator, and earned a spot on our list of the 40 Best New Bands Of 2013. Today, the duo of Devon Welsh and Matthew Otto have…   Read Story »
It's that time of year again: Time to take stock of the vast armies of new musicians making music in the past year, and to pick out a few dozen of the best and brightest. In the three previous annual…   Read Story »
The Montreal duo Majical Cloudz probably aren't anyone's idea of ideal remix candidates. Their bewitching, emotive churn is the sort of thing that needs room to breathe and stretch out, and any…   Read Story »
This week, for the 237th time, our country tis of thee will celebrate its Miss Independence. Which means that this week, for the fourth time, our blog will celebrate the arrival of Cruel Summer, our…   Read Story »
On Majical Cloudz's "Bugs Don't Buzz" Devon Welsh sings "the cheesiest songs all end with a smile/this won't end with a smile, my love" and if you have entomophobia, then watching this video will not…   Read Story »
A few days late but stacked with excellence, here is your collection of May's absolute jams. For optimal ease of consumption, you'll find it here in three forms: a 12-track downloadable zip of the…   Read Story »