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In 1985, the Chicago Bears, on their way to a Super Bowl victory, assembled to record a ridiculous primitive rap song called "The Super Bowl Shuffle," which went on to become a massive novelty hit…   Read Story »
Man Man put out On Oni Pond last year and have now shared a video for the jazzy and wild "Loot My Body." Combining animated song lyrics with various footage of their live show, it gives you a glimpse…   Read Story »
Man Man have been making wonderfully eccentric rock and roll records since way back in 2004. Stylistically, they have dipped their toes into a variety of styles and genres without ever truly…   Read Story »
It feels like a swift kick to the stomach to say, but on 10/21 it will be 10 years since iconic singer/song-writer Elliott Smith passed away. On that day this year, Cat Power, Zachary Cole Smith with…   Read Story »
"End Boss," a song from Man Man's recent LP On Oni Pond, tells the story of a wolf that drinks vodka, plays billiards, eats babies, and engages in other roguish activities on the reg. Turns out the…   Read Story »
When posting Man Man's "Head On," their first reveal from On Oni Pond, Miles took note of a quote from lead singer Honus Honus who said about the album, "This is a strange and beautiful record but…   Read Story »
Philly rock freaks Man Man have a new album called On Oni Pond coming soon, and we posted the first single "Head On" last month. Now, they've shared another track. It's called "End Boss," but there's…   Read Story »
I don't want to bum anybody out, but summer's almost over. With an emphasis on almost, meaning anything can still happen (aside from reclaiming that unbridled feeling of summer's start and infinite…   Read Story »
The announcement of Man Man's new album, On Oni Pond, has come to us with two very revealing things. First, a quote from frontman Honus Honus, which explains, "This is a strange and beautiful record…   Read Story »
Cat Martino, the singer-songwriter and former Sufjan Stevens band member, is the latest participant in "Shaking Through," a video series that documents musicians who are presented with the challenge…   Read Story »