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It's been almost two years since Jason Molina of Songs: Ohia and Magnolia Electric Co. passed away due to organ failure, but since then we've heard a number of tribute covers by his peers and…   Read Story »
Near the beginning of the year, the spectral folk singer Marissa Nadler released a soft glow of an album called July. Today, she's hitting us with Before July, a digital-only EP that includes four…   Read Story »
Spectral folk singer Marissa Nadler is quite vocal about her love of Leonard Cohen. She's covered a few of his songs before, and now she's added her favorite Cohen song, "Seems So Long Ago, Nancy,"…   Read Story »
Marissa Nadler's latest album is called July, and wouldn't you know it, July starts today. Just in time for Independence Day -- and for the North American tour that begins next week -- Nadler has…   Read Story »
By sheer coincidence, Stereogum just published a Galaxie 500 feature the same day Marissa Nadler released a video directed by Galaxie member Naomi Yang. Yang combined footage by French artist Bernard…   Read Story »
In Marissa Nadler's video for the spectral folk lullaby "Was It A Dream," we see a man using a film-editing machine to rediscover some ancient bits of silent movie. And on that old film, we see…   Read Story »
There's been a lot of talk about how Marissa Nadler's new album, July, shows the Boston-based songwriter at her darkest. But that's not too surprising when you think about what last year was like for…   Read Story »
"Dead City Emily" was the first thing we heard from Marissa Nadler's forthcoming July, and now it's the first thing we see. Directors Derrick Belcham and Emily Terndrup concocted shadowy visuals to…   Read Story »
The dark, mesmeric folk singer Marissa Nadler will release her new album July in a few weeks, and we've already posted the first single "Dead City Emily." "Was It A Dream," the second song she's…   Read Story »
Marissa Nadler will be releasing her album July (which will include "Dead City Emily") in February. But first she has a new song on the benefit album You Be My Heart, which we wrote about a few weeks…   Read Story »