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New Zealand band Yumi Zouma have done a lot this year to impress us. Their early single "The Brae" only hinted at further delights to be found on their self-titled debut EP, and their cover of Air…   Read Story »
Gardens & Villa and Mark McGuire are responsible for two of the year's more impressive albums (Dunes and Along The Way, respectively), and now they've teamed up: McGuire has remixed Dunes single…   Read Story »
Last month, the former Emeralds guitarist Mark McGuire released Along The Way, a soft, thoughtful, wonderful mostly-instrumental album, and it was our Album Of The Week when it dropped. McGuire has…   Read Story »
If you're old enough to actually remember the 1980s, there's a particular sound -- a ticking arpeggio, a guitar made to sound like a synth or a synth made to sound like a guitar -- that probably…   Read Story »
Next week, the former Emeralds guitarist Mark McGuire will release Along The Way, a shimmering, glimmering, mostly instrumental, entirely gorgeous humid sunset of an album. It's McGuire's first album…   Read Story »
One of our earliest previews of ex-Emeralds member Mark McGuire's forthcoming Along The Way was "In Search Of The Miraculous," a song seemingly explicitly designed for inspirational documentary…   Read Story »
Mark McGuire dipped out of his epic drone band Emeralds a little bit before they imploded, but since then he's been having a fruitful solo career. His new album Along The Way is a stunner, but to…   Read Story »
Since 2009 the Big Ears Festival has brought a massive slate of experimental music to Knoxville, Tennessee, and they've just announced their lineup for next spring (the festival occurs during the…   Read Story »
As the holidays draw nearer, the quote-unquote music industry grinds to a halt, meaning fewer and fewer new songs from artists who are bound by traditional album cycles. Surely to some extent as a…   Read Story »
Back in May we posted ex-Emeralds guitar wiz Mark McGuire's "In Search Of The Miraculous," a song from his concept album Along The Way that has so far only been available in Japan. The LP is the most…   Read Story »