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All week, St. Vincent's Annie Clark is sitting in with the 8G Band on Late Night With Seth Meyers, filling in as bandleader for her friend Fred Armisen. We posted video of her first night on the…   Read Story »
As previously mentioned, St. Vincent is subbing for Fred Armisen as band leader on Late Night With Seth Meyers for last night and tonight. She didn't have much to do yesterday, though Seth did ask…   Read Story »
We recently saw Marnie Stern keeping up an old musical partnership by sitting in with Fred Armisen's 8G Band on Late Night With Seth Meyers. Turns out that's not the only time Stern's spent in front…   Read Story »
When Fred Armisen was announced as bandleader and "curator" of Late Night With Seth Meyers' 8G band, it implied the lineup might change from time to time. And last night the Portlandia star put his…   Read Story »
This summer's Adult Swim Singles Series has already been a pretty impressive bounty, including last week's offering from Lightning Bolt. As it begins to come to a close, we get "This Was It" from…   Read Story »
Marnie Stern is a dog person; we know this because she rarely goes anywhere without her tiny terrier Fig. And in a new Buzzfeed video, the New York shredder plays "Noonan," a song from her recent…   Read Story »
In the video for "Immortals," one of the many heavenly shredfests on her new album The Chronicles Of Marnia, we see the head-spinning guitarist and sharply melodic songwriter Marnie Stern at home in…   Read Story »
The 'Gum crew got into Austin last night and made the most of SXSW Music's slow ramp-up into full on noise-overwhelming-the-signal mode. The options were limited, but with deep lineups: Viceland and…   Read Story »
Judging solely from the music she makes, it would be easy to assume that Marnie Stern resides on some other -- presumably much more high energy -- planet than the rest of us. Over the course of three…   Read Story »
On her excellent new album The Chronicles Of Marnia, the beloved New York shredder Marnie Stern replaces old drum-octopus co-conspirator Zach Hill with a new skin-basher, Oneida's Kid Millions, and…   Read Story »