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It's not news that popular indie rock got a bit darker in 2010. Look no further than regular topics of conversation around here -- Zola Jesus, CREEP, Cold Cave, Salem, Tamaryn, Blessure Grave,…   Read Story »
At the beginning of February, Martial Canterel, the veteran Wierd-imprinted Raymond Roussel-referencing solo project of Xeno & Oaklander's Sean McBride, is releasing one of my early '11…   Read Story »
As mentioned last time, you might recognize Martial Canterel as the project of Xeno & Oaklander's Sean McBride. His "You Today" video was shot by Xeno bandmate Liz Wendelbo. Box Motion, who…   Read Story »
Wierd's releasing great stuff in 2010 -- for those of you interested in dark, icy synthesizer music, the New York "post-wave" label's brought us Stereogum40 (and black metal enthused) BTW Frank (Just…   Read Story »