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Yesterday Rolling Stone released some snippets from its new cover story on Jack White, including the revelation that at one time wheels were in motion for collaborations with both Jay Z and Kanye…   Read Story »
On the heels of Jack White's new album announcement as well as the unveiling of Blunderbuss's first single "Love Interruption," we thought it was time to revisit the hits -- not the literal ones,…   Read Story »
So far on his Internet Leaks EP, Al's played around with T.I. and the Doors before actually getting weirdly serious, but for now he's back to the good times pop cultural mishmashing shtick, bringing…   Read Story »
We closely followed Jack and Meg's rogue gigs during their tour of all of Canada's provinces, Icky Thump support shows which including the infamous one-note concert. (The setlist from that night…   Read Story »
You know Jack White's mission to join every band in America? Still going strong. The Dead Weatherman is putting his new Third Man Studio to use by producing and playing on a forthcoming 7" from The…   Read Story »
Between Ben and Zooey, Ryan and Mandy, and this morning's news about Trent and Mariqueen, maybe we should start to an Indie Rock Nuptials category? SundayStylesGum would be remiss not to also…   Read Story »
Conan's leaving 30 Rock for Carson's old desk at The Tonight Show on March 2nd, and as P4K reports, the last band to play the Late Night studio on his watch will be long-time O'Brien-chums Jack and…   Read Story »
If you're gonna write a song to woo Meg White, doing it while Jack is busy Bonding with Alicia is probably as good a time as any. Savvy, LaMontagne. The "Crazy" coverer and hailed troubadour has a…   Read Story »