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Been a while since we've heard from Stereogum crush Menomena, but that doesn't mean we don't think about them longingly on nostalgic walks in the park or stare longingly at the image of their album…   Read Story »
Despite the excellent lineups all over town, our daylight hours on Friday had been spoken for well before we made the trek to SouthBy (and particularly after spending Thursday systematically missing…   Read Story »
The first vid from Friend And Foe is just as cheeky as you'd expect from a band that named their first album I Am The Fun Blame Monster!, an anagram of ("The First Menomena Album!"), but credit…   Read Story »
Still not sick of Friend And Foe? Same here! If there's one complaint we hear, it's that the band wears its influences on its sleeve (doesn't bother us). So after poring over the album, it makes…   Read Story »
Last night, Menomena sent their fans a little morsel of the choral wonder that awaits those attending the band's (superb) album release show at Portland's Crystal Ballroom 1/28. They'll be…   Read Story »
We've made no secret of our Menomena love, but Friend And Foe is even better than we expected. The record's got a perfect mix of experimental passages and hook-worth melodies, with the trio's nasty…   Read Story »
Just a few months 'til the release of this Stereogum-fave's third full-length album, and we're frothy for it. It'll be Menomena's first on Barsuk and a welcome return to singing, as sophomore release…   Read Story »