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Have you ever wondered what famous album covers might look like from a different perspective? A user on Flickr by the name of Harvezt has worked to answer that question with a new series called The…   Read Story »
I spent the second week of March at SXSW, and I spent a pretty good percentage of my SXSW at metal shows. In truth, most of the people I talked to at the festival seemed to agree that this year's…   Read Story »
Metallica are on a good roll right now. Their new song, "Lords Of Summer," is arguably the best original music they've released since "Black Album," and now, they've contributed a four-song medley of…   Read Story »
A couple days ago, we heard a live rendition of new Metallica track "Lords Of Summer," which the band debuted at a show in Colombia. They've now offered a "Garage Demo" version of the track, which --…   Read Story »
Last night, Metallica played a show in Bogotá, Colombia, and during their set, they debuted a new song called "The Lords Of Summer." It's their first new one in a few years (or, if we all agree to…   Read Story »
Metallica is the sort of band who overdocuments. For all its fascinating internal dynamics, their Metallica: Some Kind Of Monster documentary was, after all, 141 motherfucking minutes long. A week…   Read Story »
The Grammys aren't about Grammys -- the vast majority of them aren't even given out during the televised ceremony. (UPDATE: Here's who won, though.) No, the Grammys are about the performances, and…   Read Story »
Though they could surely afford to take a nice long break at this point, the boys in Metallica never seem to stop working. In 2013 the band not only released a 3D concert film -- the pretty wildly…   Read Story »
Welcome to The Week In Pop, Stereogum's new weekly pop column. I'll be here every Thursday with a look at mainstream pop music via essays, track reviews, chart updates, and more. The phrase…   Read Story »
I saw a lot of great shows in 2013 but far and away the best show I saw was Metallica at Harlem's Apollo Theater -- a legendary and beautiful space roughly 1/20 the size of the rooms usually played…   Read Story »