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The newest Fantasies track gets a simple treatment: "Sick Muse" features a lower-tech sound stage than "Gimme Sympathy" and none of the layered animations of "Help, I'm Alive," and it feels more…   Read Story »
We first heard Metric's excellent single in acoustic form, soundtracking a montage of confessional interviews with singer/songwriter Emily Haines. In the video, posted on the band's site last fall,…   Read Story »
If you're a fan, you've already streamed Metric's Fantasies. Now you can stop imaging and see one in living color. If we take the person who posted it to YouTube to heart -- and why wouldn't we? --…   Read Story »
A few months ago we posted Metric's Breeders-esque "Help I'm Alive" (see "Divine Hammer") and mentioned that it appeared to be the lead single from the new then-untitled followup to 2005's Live It…   Read Story »
There's been a sporadic stream of material coming from Camp Metric since 2005's Live It Out -- like new Emily Haines,   Read Story »
This is it, the final photo blowout from the inaugural All Points West fest. If you didn't spend your weekend on the internet/in line for a ferry over to Liberty Park, you can see some photos from…   Read Story »
The first annual Pemberton Festival, in the city of the same name in British Columbia, Canada, definitely did its work attracting the right names to attract the right attention -- Tom Petty, Nine…   Read Story »
After spending some time satisfying the solo act impulse, Emily's back to BSS affiliates Metric, and it seems like the Canadians are closer to a new record than we'd realized. This past Thursday,…   Read Story »
Social Scene siren Emily Haines gave her impressive CV some extra padding with last year's Knives Don't Have Your Back, essentially her solo debut, fronting the Soft Skeleton. "The Bank" is track…   Read Story »
Emily Haines and Jimmy Shaw's first official release came with 2003's Old World Underground, Where Are You Now?, though that wasn't their first full-length studio effort. As a two-piece in '99,…   Read Story »