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It's not surprising that Metronomy's new video for "The Upsetter" is creative and beautiful, considering the other videos spawned by the band's latest album, Love Letters: "Reservoir" and "Month Of…   Read Story »
Here's one nice thing about the whole U2 debacle: They didn't forcibly beam any music videos into your iTunes! Imagine how those things would've looked. Actually, as it turned out, this was a great…   Read Story »
Metronomy has had a strong run of music videos for their newest album Love Letters, including the watercolor cartoon world of "Reservoir" and the Michel Gondry-directed clip for the eponymous track.…   Read Story »
In support of their new album Love Letters, Metronomy have put out some great music videos, including the Michel Gondry-directed clip for the LP's title track. Their latest one for the song…   Read Story »
The British dance-rockers and festival mainstays Metronomy are about to release their fourth studio album Love Letters, and "I'm Aquarius" and "Love Letters," the first two albums, suggest that…   Read Story »
For whatever reason, this is the week that many of the old music-video-director gods awakened to walk the earth again. Their names, chanted aloud, inspire nothing but fear in the hearts of the…   Read Story »
Michel Gondry is my pick for the greatest music video director of all time, and his new video for "Love Letters," an uptempo glam-rocker from the British dance-rock group Metronomy, is the first…   Read Story »
When we heard "I'm Aquarius," the first single from the new album by UK singer and producer Metronomy (aka Joe Mount), Tom described it as "Drake meets Mount Eerie." That was accurate in ways I'm…   Read Story »
I don't know if you guys knew this, but there are 17 new Beyoncé videos this week. A lot of them are awesome, too. In fact, I had fully expected to write this column about nothing but the five best…   Read Story »
Last month we heard Metronomy's "I'm Aquarius," the first single from Joe Mount's upcoming Love Letters. Now that song has a video by director Edouard Salier in conjunction with Somesuch and the…   Read Story »