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Atlanta rap trailblazer Gucci Mane is in prison now for firearm possession, and he'll be locked up until 2016. This will not keep him from releasing new music. Gucci is famous for recording at a…   Read Story »
The restless young minds of Atlanta's rap underground continue to leave the entire universe in the dust, and just about all of them make songs so quickly that it's hard to process all the music…   Read Story »
I know it looks like we're trolling when we acknowledge the existence of the pop star/public pariah Justin Bieber, but if we're going to post his Chance The Rapper collab "Confident," we might as…   Read Story »
Migos, the spasmodically boisterous Atlanta rap trio that has become one of Atlanta's most reliable exporters of rowdy and inventive trap music since blowing up with "Versace" last year, was involved…   Read Story »
Nick Cannon is still trying to make this rap-career thing happen! The Drumline star/Mariah Carey husband/unctuous pop-culture presence has a new album that, kind of hilariously, is called White…   Read Story »
The Migos are, in some deeply fascinating ways, the early-'00s answer to Das EFX, the New York/New Jersey duo who introduced the much-lampooned tongue-flipping iggity-wiggity style to rap way the…   Read Story »
Early word was that the Migos, the young Atlanta rap trio who broke the fuck out last year, were working on a new tape called YRN 2, the follow-up to last year's giddily awesome career-making Y.R.N.…   Read Story »
For months now, we've been hearing that Atlanta rap trio Migos are going to follow up last year's triumphant, career-making Y.R.N. mixtape with a new one called Y.R.N. 2. Today, we find out that…   Read Story »
The troubled Atlanta rap eminence Gucci Mane showed up on a couple of tracks form Y.R.N., the breakout mixtape from the ascendant rap trio Migos, and Migos showed up on "Jackie Chain," a track from…   Read Story »
Rico Love's "They Don't Know" is a smooth, spacey R&B song -- not exactly the backdrop you expect for a new track from the spastic Atlanta rap trio Migos. But Quavo, Takeoff, and Offset jumped and…   Read Story »