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Please Pray For Patti Stanger And Bravo’s Millionaire Matchmaker

When we last heard from Patti Stanger, host and matchmaker of Bravo's Millionaire Matchmaker, she was under a bit of scrutiny for announcing on Bravo's Watch What Happens Live that gay men are unable to maintain monogamous relationships and that all Jewish men lie. Haha. Ahhh. What a monster! ("What?" - Patti Stanger.) So… More »

By: Kelly Conaboy / July 2, 2012

Miss Travel Seems Legitimate

This seems like a great opportunity for beautiful young women to enjoy the traveling experiences of their dreams in a completely safe, respectful, legitimate, and FUN way. After Miss Travel has paired you with a doctor or a billionaire and confirmed your reservation, you just show up at 11PM at 456 Rape Street and ring… More »

By: Gabe Delahaye / April 25, 2012

Patti Stanger Refuses To Rest Her Case!

Last weekend, Patti Stanger, whoever that is, made some untoward comments on Andy Cohen's Bravo talkshow, Watch What Nightmares Live. Namely, she said that gay people cannot maintain monogamous relationships and that Jewish men lie. Since then, she has clarified her comments by saying she was only talking about gay men in Los AngelesMore »

By: Gabe Delahaye / September 29, 2011

Whoever Patti Stanger Is, She Needs To Rest Her Case

Patti Stanger, the host of Millionaire Matchmaker, appeared on Andy Cohen's Watch What Trainwreck Live over the weekend and said inflammatory things about gays and Jews. In particular, she said that gay men cannot be monogamous and that Jewish men "lie." Hahahah. Uhhhhh. What? To be honest, I kind of think gay men got the… More »

By: Gabe Delahaye / September 27, 2011

Here Are Some Afternoon Links!

New York Magazine has a great feature on the history of the Upright Citizen's Brigade in NYC. There is no reason why you shouldn't read it! -NYMag I'm not going to watch this Game of Thrones season 2 teaser trailer in case I ever want to watch Game of Thrones and this 17 second… More »

By: Kelly Conaboy / September 26, 2011

Millionaire CrybabyMaker

Some dudes who appeared on Millionaire Matchmaker are complaining that the show portrayed them badly. Uh, correct, dudes. IT IS CALLED MILLIONAIRE MATCHMAKER AND IT IS A SHOW ABOUT ASSHOLES. Did you all make your fortunes in the booming Not Paying Attention industry? Oh well. NOW YOU HAVE TO GO ON TOOL ACADEMY! More »

By: Gabe Delahaye / January 13, 2011