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How did you celebrate July 4th? On a rooftop BBQ listening to our summer mix? Maybe you stayed in and watched old episodes of Hoarders on Roku? Maybe I stayed in and did that. There is no way to…   Read Story »
New York just became the 6th largest state to approve same-sex marriage. Yes! The Senate bill passed 33-to-29, Governor Cuomo signed the measure shortly after, and the law goes into effect in 30…   Read Story »
This is clever/cute: Miniature Tigers's "Bullfighter Jacket" video is a moving Where's Waldo book, with wizards, painters, and perverts among its dozens of characters. Director Morgan Krantz (who…   Read Story »
Governors Island is a magical place built for art, installations, bike rides, and marriage proposals. The New York Times has done a profile, followup, and critical discussion piece on the place this…   Read Story »
"Bullfighter Jacket" comes as the second listen from Miniature Tigers' forthcoming Fortress, following up on the Alan Palomo-produced high-pitched keyboard dreaminess of "Gold Skull." (That one also…   Read Story »
When we posted Miniature Tigers's Neon Indian-produced "Gold Skull," I talked up the dreaminess of the song's soft layers and high-pitched keyboards. The video's closer to a nightmare though. In it,…   Read Story »
Miniature Tigers haven't been discussed around here much, but it seems inevitable that they would pop up: The Brooklyn-via-Phoenix band has been around since 2006, picking up spots on many festival…   Read Story »