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The former LCD Soundsystem member Nancy Whang is now half of the Juan Maclean, which means she's largely responsible for In A Dream, your current reigning Album Of The Week. And on a new EP, she's…   Read Story »
DFA OG John MacLean -- AKA the Juan MacLean -- will be back with another LP of expertly assembled dance music next month. The album, entitled In A Dream, once again features LCD Soundsystem's Nancy…   Read Story »
Last year, the California production duo Classixx released Hanging Gardens, one of those dance albums that doesn't make a huge impression the first time you hear it but which sticks around, sounding…   Read Story »
Over the last year, former LCD Soundsystem member Nancy Whang has asserted herself as a formidable club diva. Whether she's singing over tracks produced by Classixx, the Juan MacLean, or Shit Robot…   Read Story »
Between her work with Shit Robot and the Juan McLean, 2013 was the year Nancy Whang began her ascension to becoming one of the great current dancefloor divas. And 2014 -- the year both those projects…   Read Story »
The Juan Maclean, the former Six Finger Satellite member who became an old-school house producer, has been cranking out transcendent dance anthems since the early days of DFA. In the last year, he's…   Read Story »
At the beginning of this year we got a treat in the form of DFA legend the Juan Maclean returning to music after nearly four years with "You Are My Destiny," and what a return it was. That track…   Read Story »
From California remixx specialists Classixx's new LP Hanging Gardens comes "All You're Waiting For," a synth-pop upper built for the dancefloor, featuring a lead vocal from the dame of LCD, Nancy…   Read Story »
On Saturday, Brooklyn's gorgeous Grand Prospectus Hall hosted an anniversary party for the new millennial cool factory that is DFA. The label tweeted that they were expecting around 4,000 people, and…   Read Story »
In January, Brooklyn Academy of Music announced that it would host a spring festival curated by the National's Bryce and Aaron Dessner, and today that event, called Crossing Brooklyn Ferry (a…   Read Story »