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Neil Young recently got his old fuzz-stomp band Crazy Horse back together to record Americana, an album that features the band doing stark, intense reading of the sort of American-standard songs that…   Read Story »
Americana, the new record of reworked American standards by the reunited Neil Young & Crazy Horse, comes out this summer. We've already heard their blown-out takes on "Oh Susannah" and "She'll Be…   Read Story »
"She'll Be Coming Round The Mountain" is one of the first songs every American kid learns. But in its original form, the song was a black spiritual about the welcome end of the world, and it didn't…   Read Story »
HBO's medieval drama Game Of Thrones premieres April 1, and this season's plot involves five different claims to the throne and these respective factions' ongoing clobbering of one another…   Read Story »
Neil Young recently told the world that he's back together with Crazy Horse, the backing band that helped him invent a vicious strain of fuzz-rock back around 1970, and that they're working on new…   Read Story »