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Looks like Neil Young has a thing about (for?) cars. Let's recap: His 2009 album, Fork In The Road, was inspired by his Lincoln Continental, which he had retrofitted into a more fuel-efficient…   Read Story »
Yesterday, Neil Young published his book Special Deluxe: A Memoir Of Life And Cars, and he spent the day in full media-blitz mode. After sitting to talk with Howard Stern for the first time ever, he…   Read Story »
Howard Stern has been a pretty big Neil Young fan for decades now, but Young had never sat in with Stern for an interview ... until today. In this morning's Howard Stern Show on SiriusXM, Young…   Read Story »
Last week at a show in Philadelphia, an audience member asked Neil Young if he would ever reunite with Crosby, Stills, And Nash. Young responded: "CSNY will never tour again, ever ... I love those…   Read Story »
A Neil Young news roundup for you: At a show in Philadelphia last night, Young responded to an audience member by saying that "CSNY will never tour again, ever ... I love those guys." The last…   Read Story »
Bob Dylan has been named as the 2015 MusiCares Person Of The Year by The National Academy Of Recording Arts And Sciences, the same organization that gives out the Grammy Awards. He'll be honored at a…   Read Story »
Neil Young has been talking up the documentary Under The Influence -- about the debilitating influence and consequences of corporate sprawl -- and recently he posted a link to the film's site on his…   Read Story »
Fan Tumblr Forever Neil Young has unearthed some clues that point to the release of a new Neil Young orchestral album later this year. German composer Chris Walden has updated his website to indicate…   Read Story »
Arcade Fire did yet another cover at their Winnipeg show last night. This time, Win Butler wore his paper mache head while they performed Neil Young's "Come On Baby Let's Go Downtown" from his 1975…   Read Story »
Have you ever thought about cotton? Like, really thought about it? Is the shirt you're wearing made of cotton? Are you even wearing a shirt right now? If you are, is it organic? Or is it just a…   Read Story »