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"Me Liquor & God" marks a noticeable transition for the Nashville-based singer-songwriter Winston Yellen, who typically records Americana-tinged folk songs as Night Beds. The lack of stringed…   Read Story »
Foster The People are arguably the most boring successful band on the entire planet, and years after "Pumped Up Kicks," they are still showing up on festival posters in a bigger font-size than your…   Read Story »
Country-rockers Night Beds put out a new album last year which came with some beautifully shot videos in the form of "Lost Springs" and especially "Ramona." "Head For The Hills" is a new single…   Read Story »
"Ramona," the last music video from the Nashville country-rockers Night Beds, was a lovely little indie-film story that didn't feature the band at all. The group's new video for "Lost Springs" has a…   Read Story »
My sentimental favorite this week is SD's video for the "New World Order" remix, with Danny Brown, mostly because I can't ever imagine myself getting tired of seeing Danny Brown, drunk and shirtless,…   Read Story »
Director Abraham Vilchez-Moran's video for Night Beds' searching country-rock song "Ramona" is basically a short indie film, one that has to tell its story without the benefit of dialog. This one…   Read Story »
Night Beds is an atmospheric, confessional Nashville-based country-rock act, so naturally, ultra-clean Swedish synthpop of Robyn's "Dancing On My Own" comes to them naturally. The group recently took…   Read Story »
Nashville band Night Beds made their first national television appearance Friday on Late Night With Jimmy Fallon. The band released their twangy debut album Country Sleep less than a week ago. Watch…   Read Story »
Night Beds is Winston Yellen, a Nashville resident who makes beautifully scraped-out country-rock, and who, if the ABC drama Nashville were real life, would get a job in Rayna James's backing band,…   Read Story »
Winston Yellen, the Colorado native and Nashville transplant who records as Night Beds, will release debut album Country Sleep next month, and we've already heard his song "Even If We Try." "Ramona,"…   Read Story »