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The band's first gig in five years was a three song set in Rockefeller Center this morning. Watch "Spiderwebs," "Don't Speak," and Talk Talk cover "It's My Life" at MSNBC and see if you can spot…   Read Story »
Yes, the reunited and currently touring No Doubt will appear on Gossip Girl. When we last mentioned it, we didn't know they'd be covering Adam Ant in the process. Very timely, No Doubt. It all takes…   Read Story »
The recently reunited pop band will join the ranks of Cyndi Lauper and Lisa Loeb by appearing in the CW's realistic teen soap. (Thurston Moore and Jemina Pearl covered the Ramones for the series last…   Read Story »
Now that Gwen Stefani's put out two solo albums and two babies and a clothing line and desktop publishing software (?), she is ready to rock again. Her bandmates are ready to rock, too. They were so…   Read Story »
Gwen Stefani has reclaimed her bandmates from Weiland and is ready to rock. (She gave birth only three months ago, too.) An animated IM session between No Doubt members on their official site has…   Read Story »
Stone Temple Pilots visited New Orleans over the weekend, remembering the '90s for the benefit of Voodoo Music Experience attendees. Their reunion tour wraps up this week, and Weiland's hinted that…   Read Story »
The ever troubled Stone Temple Revolver singer lets the internet in on some sounds from his (partially) Steve Albini produced solo record today. According to Blabbermouth, the track "Paralysis" was…   Read Story »
Recently unearthed video footage of a young (or as TMZ calls her, "barely legal") Stefani shows that Gwen was just like us! With dreams of being a big star, or an interior decorator. The clip shows…   Read Story »
This one's for the children (with printers). That's right kids, starting today Hewlett Packard and Gwen Stefani are launching a joint venture to bring you into the always fashionable world of your…   Read Story »
Some of you love all things Gwen, some think The Sweet Escape was a debacle. But how can you fault us for wanting to stare at her for four more minutes? At least you can do it for her; she has been…   Read Story »