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Download Domo Genesis Under The Influence Mixtape

Domo Genesis is the most weed-addled and probably the most pedestrian rapper in the much-feted Odd Future collective. But he’s made big strides as a pure MC, and his new Under The Influence mixtape is the work of a solid, confident rapper. On the tape, Domo raps over time-honored soul-rap beats like Scarface’s “Guess Who’… More »

By: Tom Breihan / September 21, 2011 - 5:03 pm

Little Dragon – “Seconds (Syd The Kid Remix)”

Swedish synth pop standouts Little Dragon stay heavy in the remix game, so it’s no surprise that their “Seconds” is itself the subject of a remix, this time by Odd Future behind-the-scenes stalwart (and resident female member) Syd The Kid. Grab it below. It’s nice. More »

By: Corban Goble / September 2, 2011 - 4:22 pm

Maybe Earl Needs To Be Freed After All

Down the Earl Sweatshirt rabbit hole we go. After the New Yorker’s Kelefa Sanneh spent numerous months and 8,000 words on an article investigating the station and situation surrounding M.I.A. Odd Future prodigy Earl Sweatshirt (born Thebe Neruda Kgositsile), the magazine hosted a live online chat with the writer so he could answer questions from… More »

By: Amrit Singh / June 20, 2011 - 11:00 am

South Park’s Tyler, The Creator Easter Egg

Here’s a still from last night’s South Park (via HRO).

Sample caption: “You killed Kenny, you Bastard.” Feel free to improve it. More »

By: Amrit Singh / June 9, 2011 - 1:26 pm

Kathleen Hanna Talks Odd Future

Kathleen Hanna’s in the midst of Renaissance sparked by NYU’s Fales Library purchasing her archive/papers, Sara Marcus’s Girls to the Front: The True Story of the Riot Grrrl Revolution documenting the olden days, and the Le Tigre tour DVD Who Took the Bomp? documenting the slightly more recent days, and etc. The DVD’s why Spinner… More »

By: brandon / June 8, 2011 - 1:21 pm

Hodgy Beats – “April 27″

Odd Future Wolf Gang Kill Them All’s most shirtless member/frequent Tyler sideman/half of Fat Possum-signed duo MellowHype, Hodgy Beats, recently uploaded a quick new song titled “April 27,” which is the date corresponding with fasting and mourning to commemorate Jews of Cologne massacred during the Second Crusade, and also with the birth of Fall Out… More »

By: Amrit Singh / June 3, 2011 - 2:27 pm

Odd Future Bottled In Detroit

Maybe a Tegan & Sara fan infiltrated Odd Future’s show at Detroit’s Majestic Theatre. As the band recounted via Tumblr, they were pelted with bottles — a la Guns ‘N Roses or Morrissey — very early into their set. Here:… More »

By: brandon / May 17, 2011 - 5:20 pm

Earl Sweatshirt Speaks

The Odd Future phenomenon comes with a good deal of inbuilt drama, the most interesting subplot being the case of Earl Sweatshirt. As Odd Future continues its meteoric rise to becoming one of the most discussed hip hop acts in recent memory, one of its founding members misses the party due to jail, or boarding… More »

By: Amrit Singh / May 16, 2011 - 11:55 am

Riot At Odd Future’s Boston In-Store

A cop was hospitalized after a riot at Boston’s Newbury Comics connected to rap artist Tyler, The Creator, and if you are reporting this news for local TV make sure to nod your head incredulously when saying the artist’s name, as if you have never heard such a silly name. The less sensationalistic rendition of… More »

By: Amrit Singh / May 13, 2011 - 12:17 pm

Tyler, The Creator – “Analog” (Live, Featuring Hodgy Beats & Syd Tha Kid)

It’s unclear if the version of “Tron Cat” that leaked last week is the final mix from Tyler’s forthcoming “>Goblin, and it is certain that this live version of “Analog” is not exactly how the song will sound on the Odd Future capo’s XL debut. Imperfect though they may be for the task, sketches and… More »

By: Amrit Singh / May 4, 2011 - 11:20 am

Tyler, The Creator – “Tron Cat”

We All Want Someone To Shout For points to a yo-yo tricks video on YouTube that is soundtracked by “Tron Cat,” a new Tyler, The Creator song that apparently leaked yesterday. The track will appear on the Odd Future frontman’s highly anticipated XL debut Goblin and you can hear it below. More »

By: Scott Lapatine / April 29, 2011 - 11:04 pm

The Best Odd Future Interview

First of all give propers to Nardwuar The Human Serviette for wrangling the Odd Future crew into one place at one time during SXSW 2011. (Portraiture artist Ryan Muir can tell you how difficult this is.) And also give Narduwuar respect for choosing his location wisely: some sort of isolated rooftop, making their wandering off… More »

By: Amrit Singh / March 23, 2011 - 1:36 pm

Portraits Of SXSW 2011

The concluding post on this year’s SXSW comes with this, a break from the norm for us and likely for you as well. In addition to identifying the bands we were most excited about at this year’s SXSW, and filing our reports from Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, and Saturday, we decided to round out our coverage… More »

By: Amrit Singh / March 22, 2011 - 5:42 pm

Reading & Leeds Lineup 2011

If you’re a Muse or My Chemical Romance fan, I feel sorta bad for you, but today’s your lucky day: The bands are headlining this summer’s Reading & Leeds Festivals. The (not so) resurgent Strokes and Pulp are playing co-headline slots. The bills also include the National, Odd Future, UK sensations the Vaccines, Crystal Castles,… More »

By: brandon / March 22, 2011 - 10:07 am

SXSW Friday: Featuring James Blake, Odd Future, Esben & The Witch, Jamie Woon, Mount Kimbie

Click on for some thoughts and sights from a very busy Friday in Austin. Tonight’s the last night here, so if you need some guidance please refer to our list of must-see bands, or our favorite moments from Wednesday and Thursday. And if you’re looking for a way to close out your SXSW, come to… More »

By: Amrit Singh / March 19, 2011 - 6:04 pm

32 Must See Bands @ SXSW 2011

Come March every year, the same questions are asked, retreaded thought pieces get pitched: What does it mean to have a music industry festival in the decrepit climate of 2011? Does anyone actually get discovered at SXSW? What’s the point of signing to a label? What happened to that taco truck on Red River near… More »

By: Stereogum / March 16, 2011 - 9:10 am

Odd Future Make A Clip For Funny Or Die

So this month Tyler and his cabal crossed some sort of a divide from internet/forum phenoms to bona fide YouTube (and boobtube) stars, rapidly checking off apparent life goals of meeting Bieber and Diddy and being big upped from Kanye and filing tweets popping on @humblebrag’s radar. And so a satirical FunnyOrDie video starring Paul… More »

By: Amrit Singh / March 1, 2011 - 12:58 pm

Odd Future’s Performance On Fallon Is A Thing You Absolutely Should Watch

NBC found its must-see TV last night, thanks to an intense four-minute appearance from a shock-tricked hip hop troupe of teenagers from Los Angeles. Honors to Tyler, The Creator and Hodgy Beats, with the help of Questlove (in black hoodie for necessary, bonus hardness) and Mos Def’s Kool Aid swilled “SWAAAG”s delivered straight into camera… More »

By: Amrit Singh / February 17, 2011 - 12:32 pm

Tyler, The Creator – “Yonkers” Video

Here is a late night gift from Odd Future Wolf Gang Kill Them All stormcenter @fuckTyler, The Creator in the form of “Yonkers,” a stark, fantastic(al) clip he was right to debut after midnight. (N.B. He appreciates it: People Are Actually Staying Up For This; It Was A Time That Noone Gave A Fuck. Thanks,… More »

By: Amrit Singh / February 11, 2011 - 4:40 am

Lykke Li – “I Follow Rivers (Tyler, The Creator Remix)”

When we talked about Dave Sitek’s remix of “I Follow Rivers,” I said it paled in comparison to the original which had a sparer arrangement and a “swaggering pulse.” A pulse that got considerably more swag via this redo by Odd Future wide-eyed visionary Tyler, The Creator. The Bastard-styled weirdo synth production backs up Lykke’… More »

By: Amrit Singh / February 10, 2011 - 4:11 pm
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