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Glastonbury, the world's biggest and wettest music festival, is going down this weekend and despite what M.I.A. claims the BBC has been broadcasting bits of all the performances from the legendary…   Read Story »
What a great day for punk rock. My real favorite album of the week is Fucked Up's bleary, anxious, grown-up hardcore masterwork Glass Boys, a grand and surging piece of work that I can't write about…   Read Story »
Today Parquet Courts release their anticipated new album, Sunbathing Animal, and to mark the occasion they've released a new video for the single "Black And White." True to the song's name it's a…   Read Story »
Within two minutes of sitting down, Andrew Savage leans forward on his elbows and begins to play mock narrator. "So here we are at East Japanese Restaurant in New York City," he deadpans. "In front…   Read Story »
It's a major rite of passage for a band to get interviewed by Nardwuar The Human Serviette, and now Parquet Courts have received that honor. Nardwuar talks to the band about their Texas origins, the…   Read Story »
Sunbathing Animal, the second album from ascendant Brooklyn punks Parquet Courts, is one of our most anticipated releases of the year. We've heard teasers in "Black And White," "Instant Disassembly,"…   Read Story »
Sunbathing Animal, the second album from New York punk rock wiseacres Parquet Courts, is a master-class in shaggy, sloppy propulsion and above-it-all lyricism. We've posted the title track and "Black…   Read Story »
Earlier today, Brooklyn punk outfit Parquet Courts released the studio version of their new song "Black & White." Last night, the band played the new track on Late Night With Seth Meyers. The…   Read Story »
Parquet Courts will soon drop their new album, Sunbathing Animal. We've already heard the searing title track, and now they've released the looser and lighter "Black And White." It's a bit of a…   Read Story »
"Sunbathing Animal," the title track from Parquet Courts' upcoming full-length, is a frantically dizzy four-minute spazz out that never lets up its intensity. The song's video, directed by Andy…   Read Story »