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Phaseone has been around for a while, sharpening his teeth remixing Animal Collective and with his own work like his The Realest Shit mixtape. But with "Blood Spirit I," he's taken a turn from his…   Read Story »
St. Louis producer Phaseone let out a solid half-hour mixtape masterclass yesterday with The Realest Shit I Ever Wrote, finding a connective thread with which to stitch everyone from Aphex Twin to…   Read Story »
Fool's Gold is the irresistible, solar-streaked Hebrew/English project from Luke Top and Lewis Pesacov alongside members of Foreign Born and other L.A. scene notables. The first video for surprise…   Read Story »
MPP remixes are nothing new, but St. Louis electro composer Phaseone gives "Daily Routine" a chillier, downtempo vibe without over-laboring, painting-by-numbers, or sucking the life from the…   Read Story »