Rob Crow’s Gloomy Place – “Business Interruptus”

Pinback's Rob Crow has gone back and forth on his decision to quit music, and now he's releasing a new project that apparently draws inspiration…
Charles Innis | November 17, 2015 - 3:24 pm

Pinback’s Rob Crow Explains His Comments About Quitting Music

Back in March, Pinback's Rob Crow announced via Facebook and Twitter that he would be finishing up his current projects and then quitting music (and…
Peter Helman | September 10, 2015 - 7:11 pm

Pinback’s Rob Crow Quits Music: “Making Music In This Climate Is… Humiliating To My Psyche”

Rob Crow has been making music for 20+ years, and has been doing so via countless projects, but he's best known for his work with…
Michael Nelson | March 11, 2015 - 1:53 pm

Watch Pinback Play Fallon

San Diego-based indie rockers Pinback took a break from their tour to play two songs off of the 2012 release Information Retrieved on Tuesday night's…
Gabriela Tully Claymore | March 21, 2013 - 10:46 am

Pinback – “Proceed To Memory” Video

Pinback's Information Retrieved was one of 2012's undersung gems -- it's a quiet refinement of Pinback's signature sound, and it's still getting spins on my…
Michael Nelson | January 14, 2013 - 11:47 am

Pinback – “Sherman” Video

I've spent a lot of time with the new Pinback album, Information Retrieved, over the last week or so. I love the thing. If you…
Michael Nelson | October 16, 2012 - 3:17 pm

Pinback – “His Phase”

After a five-year absence, Pinback are about to return with the new album Information Retrieved. We've already posted their songs "True North" and "Proceed To
Tom Breihan | September 19, 2012 - 12:14 pm

Pinback – “Proceed To Memory”

San Diego indie duo Pinback have been away for a while, but they return this fall with Information Retrieved, their first album since 2007. Earlier…
Tom Breihan | August 15, 2012 - 10:36 am

Pinback Announce New Album

It has been FIVE YEARS since Pinback's last album, Autumn Of The Seraphs, and while the band hasn't been completely silent (Rob Crow dropped a…
Michael Nelson | July 26, 2012 - 4:57 pm

Pinback – “True North”

Record Store Day's very special holiday schedule isn't the only way Black Friday got spiced up this year. (Pardon the horrid joke construct, internalize the…
Amrit Singh | November 28, 2011 - 9:14 am

Check Out Record Store Day’s Black Friday Release List

One day a year just isn't enough for the people behind Record Store Day, the annual celebration of independent vinyl retailers. So for the second…
Tom Breihan | October 21, 2011 - 11:07 am

Good To Spoof You

Not that the music's completely unyielding to a comedic touch -- and we're fully aware that Rob himself's a bit of a jokester -- but…
Stereogum | October 24, 2007 - 4:30 pm

New Pinback Video – “From Nothing To Nowhere”

Somehow or the other we wind up talking about Rob Crow every week. Maybe 'cause we've got a big ol' crush on that crazy bearded…
Stereogum | August 30, 2007 - 4:42 pm

New Rob Crow – “Forced Letter” (And “Up” Video)

Rob Crow's having the sorta release year that that'd make Ryan Adams proud: once again joining forces with his former band Other Men to release
Stereogum | August 13, 2007 - 7:02 pm

New Pinback – “From Nothing To Nowhere”

Let's add to the server load! We've just started spinning our way through Pinback's Autumn Of The Seraphs, and next to the Summer In Abbadony…
Stereogum | July 11, 2007 - 6:22 pm

Pinback – Autumn Of The Seraphs

/img/album_covers/pinback_autumn_of_the_seraphs.jpg …
Stereogum | July 5, 2007 - 8:28 pm

New Other Men – “Other People”

We're starting to get the feeling that Rob Crow, of "I Hate You Rob Crow" fame, can do no wrong. Pinback, Goblin Cock, Snotnose and…
Stereogum | February 28, 2007 - 1:21 pm

New Rob Crow Video – “I Hate You Rob Crow”

Weird clip for the self-hating tune from Rob's awesome solo effort Living Well. Yes, that's Rob testing out his tune in the ER on an…
Stereogum | January 12, 2007 - 12:08 pm

New Rob Crow – “Up”

Prolific Pinbacker Rob Crow is back with a fuss-worthy solo effort, due out early next year. Being big Rob fans, we're not surprised we love…
Stereogum | December 4, 2006 - 9:57 am