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Planningtorock is a Berlin-based producer of intense, feminist dance music, and she last showed up on this site after she remixed the Knife. Early next year, she'll release her new album All Love's…   Read Story »
The Berlin-based dance-music feminist Planningtorock last worked with the Knife on their experimental 2010 opera Tomorrow, In A Year, and now she's reworked their Shaking The Habitual single "Full Of…   Read Story »
On Saturday, Brooklyn's gorgeous Grand Prospectus Hall hosted an anniversary party for the new millennial cool factory that is DFA. The label tweeted that they were expecting around 4,000 people, and…   Read Story »
Janine Rostron, who's been recording conceptual dance music for years as Planningtorock, now has her own imprint on DFA called Human Level. And the first single on Human Level is a jittery,…   Read Story »
The Germany-based English artist Planningtorock (née Janine Rostron) has been on a steady course of profile bumps over the past year, from co-composing the Knife's 2010 opera Tomorrow, In A Year to…   Read Story »
This month's Remixtape opens with a rework of the Miracles Club by Cut Copy, a pair of remixes by Grimes, a submission by Gwilym Gold of the band Golden Silvers, and a dancehall rework of Gang Gang…   Read Story »
Over eleven minutes, the Knife introduce their most recent costume with "Colouring The Pigeon," the first sounds from their operatic composition Tomorrow, In A Year, composed in collaboration with…   Read Story »