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On their new limited edition 7", synth-laden New York noise-punks Pop. 1280 explore the confluence of sex and violence. On B-side "Krankenschwester," that sounds a lot like Jay Reatard's Lost Sounds,…   Read Story »
New York horror-garglers Pop. 1280 are coming back with their hilariously titled sophomore album Imps Of Perversion next month, and we loved the opening track and first single "Lights Out," a…   Read Story »
The 5 Best Songs Of The Week is a new column that will highlight the tunes the Stereogum staff found to be the foremost music of the past seven days. The primary qualification for eligibility is that…   Read Story »
Last year, the demonic Brooklyn noise-punks (and circa-2010 BTW) Pop. 1280 released The Horror, an album of evil guitar-scrapes and anti-people sentiments. They haven't wasted any time in following…   Read Story »
You'll all be proud to learn that I managed -- just barely -- to restrain myself from naming the rap video that stars the terrifying decrepit pro-wrestling quasi-legend as this week's #1 video. This…   Read Story »
The New York band Pop. 1280 make a grimy, scuzzy, entirely sinister variety of art-punk. So it only makes sense that director Jacqueline Castel would turn the video for their song "Bodies In The…   Read Story »
New York BTW Pop. 1280 will release a new album called The Horror early next year, and below, you can download a track from it. "Bodies In The Dunes" is a squealing, stomping bit of postpunk evilness…   Read Story »
It's been bubbling awhile, but the anticipation for Iceage's sold-out American live debut boiled-over in the weeks leading up to the Stereogum/Sacred Bones Northside Showcase at Public Assembly. The…   Read Story »
There's been a lot of chatter surrounding Danish punk crew Iceage's first Stateside show (and co-headliner Prurient's first NYC show in 2+ years). Deservedly so, but folks should also pay attention…   Read Story »
Here lies our documentation of Thursday in Austin. For more, check our list of 32 Must See Bands this week, and our coverage from Wednesday. (That's Zola Jesus above, by Ryan Muir.) Click on:…   Read Story »