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Hear Jarvis Cocker’s Soundtrack To His Art Exhibit

In a few weeks, Jarvis Cocker of Pulp fame will present an art exhibition for Red Bull Space Paris called 20 Golden Greats, where he’ll display 20 fictional hit records that he designed and pressed on vinyl. He spent a week in Paris recording an instrumental soundtrack for the exhibition. “I wanted a sonic landscape… More »

By: James Rettig / June 9, 2015 - 9:40 am

Greek Politician Agrees That Pulp’s “Common People” Is Probably About His Wife

There’s a good chance you’ve listened to Pulp’s deathless classic “Common People” a few hundred times without ever considering the possibility that it could be about a real person. That’s one of my favorite songs, and the thought never crossed my mind until last week. But as The Guardian points out, Jarvis Cocker affirmed that… More »

By: Tom Breihan / May 11, 2015 - 12:37 pm

Watch Jonah Hill Cover Drake, Scarlett Johansson Cover New Order, Stephen Malkmus Cover The Black Crowes, Jarvis Cocker Cover Celine Dion For Vice’s 20th Birthday In Brooklyn

There was a not-entirely-common sight down around the Brooklyn Navy Yard last night. Dozens of cabs lined the street, because depending on where you’re coming from the Navy Yard can kind of be a pain to get to, and also because NYC’s been doing this thing where it’s decided to just rain constantly in December,… More »

By: Ryan Leas / December 6, 2014 - 4:18 pm

Watch The Pulp Documentary Pulp: A Film About Life, Death And Supermarkets

Pulp was arguably the greatest band to come out of Britpop, and when they reunited in 2011, it was a big deal. In 2012, they played Sheffield, their hometown, for the first time in years, and that show became the subject of the documentary Pulp: A Film About Life, Death & Supermarkets. And now, the… More »

By: Tom Breihan / November 17, 2014 - 1:05 pm

Watch A Nine-Year-Old Win A Pulp Karaoke Contest Judged By Jarvis Cocker

Last week, we reported that Jarvis Cocker would head to New York to judge a Pulp karaoke contest at a screening of the documentary Pulp: A Film About Life, Death & Supermarkets. Imagine: You would have the chance to sing Jarvis’s songs to Jarvis! And maybe win something! Well, maybe you got a chance to… More »

By: Tom Breihan / August 8, 2014 - 4:48 pm

Jarvis Cocker To Judge Pulp Karaoke Contest In NYC

If you’re reading anything on this website, there is a very good chance you have attempted to croon along with at least one Pulp song at some point in your life, possibly a few octaves below where your voice should be, possibly while adapting a fake British accent. And right now, you have a chance… More »

By: Tom Breihan / July 31, 2014 - 11:49 am

Watch The Trailer For The Pulp Documentary

It’s easy to get cynical about the recent epidemic of broken-up bands reuniting and getting that festival money, but when the band in question is one like Pulp, the mere possibility of hearing “Common People” performed live tends to overwhelm any of those qualms. And now, those who haven’t gotten a chance to see the… More »

By: Tom Breihan / May 30, 2014 - 9:20 am

The Sound Of Someone Losing The Plot: Britpop’s Big Comedown And What Came Next

Oasis and Blur may mark the official beginning of Britpop with the twin classics of Definitely Maybe and Parklife, respectively, but some people — particularly, seemingly, in music-writer circles — claim Pulp’s Different Class as the genre’s pinnacle. It’s the smartest of the bunch, as intricate and sprawling as Parklife, and armed with just a… More »

By: Ryan Leas / April 25, 2014 - 3:37 pm

Watch Live Forever: The Rise And Fall Of Brit Pop

We’re celebrating Britpop Week here at Stereogum, and while there’s lots of essential listening that comes with such a pursuit, there’s not much in the way of essential viewing. There is, however, Live Forever: The Rise And Fall Of Brit Pop, the 2003 BBC documentary directed by John Dower. The film looks back at British… More »

By: Michael Nelson / April 23, 2014 - 3:34 pm

His ‘N’ Hers Turns 20

At every gig they’ve played since their much-hyped 2011 reunion, Pulp’s set opener has been “Do You Remember The First Time?” It’s a typically Pulpian move, simultaneously tongue-in-cheek and incredibly revealing — and, of course, ultimately about sex. By starting their shows with “Do You Remember the First Time?,” Pulp concedes that reunion tours are… More »

By: Brad Sanders / April 21, 2014 - 12:59 pm

It’s Britpop Week On Stereogum

The first time I saw Blur was on September 29, 1994, at the old Academy Theatre on 43rd St. in Manhattan. That place has been shut down now since 1996, but I’d guess it held … 1200 people? 1300? In any case, it was a relatively intimate room, and as I recall, that show wasn’t… More »

By: Michael Nelson / April 21, 2014 - 11:31 am

Stereogum’s 50 Favorite Songs Of 2013

Determining the year’s best albums is, admittedly, a subjective pursuit. But even more than an albums roundup, a list of songs is an intensely personal way to sum up a year in music. It is a process of appreciating the trees in a forest so sprawling it can never be mapped out entirely, celebrating the… More »

By: Stereogum / December 12, 2013 - 1:09 pm

The 10 Best Pulp Songs

Way back before poptimism became a thing that went beyond anti-rockism and into the territory of taking every sound ever very seriously — I am still not on board with the ’70s schmaltz-rock moments of Random Access Memories — Pulp was a huge amalgam of uncool things. Grunge still reigned here while over in England… More »

By: Ryan Leas / August 8, 2013 - 2:26 pm

Pulp – “After You (Soulwax Remix)”

After You,” Pulp’s saucy disco collaboration with James Murphy, is one of my favorite singles of the past year, and it finally gets its physical release in two days, on Record Store Day. The B-side of the 12″ single is an eight-minute remix from the Belgian dance-rockers Soulwax, who turn the track into a militaristically… More »

By: Tom Breihan / April 18, 2013 - 1:23 pm

Watch Pulp Play “After You” On Jonathan Ross

On a recent episode of the UK’s Jonathan Ross Show, reunited Britpop deities Pulp made their first TV appearance in a decade, playing the utterly badass recent James Murphy-produced single “After You,” and the mere existence of the song and performance — even if it is a re-recording of an older demo — give me… More »

By: Tom Breihan / February 4, 2013 - 2:29 pm

S.S. Coachella Jamaica Diary & Photos

The S.S. Coachella sailed from Fort Lauderdale, FL to Jamaica and back between 12/19 and 12/23, along the way featuring performances from Pulp, Hot Chip, Yeasayer, and many more. Andrew Youssef was on hand to document the cruise for Stereogum. His diary is below. Check out his photos in the gallery. More »

By: Andrew Youssef / December 26, 2012 - 3:15 pm

Pulp – “After You” (2012 Version)

Pulp, who just performed on the S.S. Coachella, have released this new recording of “After You,” a demo from 2000 circa the recording of We Love Life. According to Pitchfork, it was recorded last month then finished with help from James Murphy while on the Coachella cruise. The track was given out as a free… More »

By: Claire Lobenfeld / December 26, 2012 - 11:37 am

NME’s 100 Best Tracks Of The ’90s

Venerated British rock rag NME has already named its 100 top tracks of the ’70s and ’80s, and the magazine has now cobbled together a similar list for the ’90s. It’s hard to argue with the #1 choice. Radiohead, Blur, and Oasis, with three songs apiece, show up more often than anyone else. And eve… More »

By: Tom Breihan / May 16, 2012 - 10:07 am

Coachella 2012 Weekend 2 In Photos

With their first Coachella 2012 performances a not-quite-distant memory, over the weekend some artists engaged in live collaborations to make for unique experiences in their second fest go-around. John Fogerty joined the Black Keys, Annie Clark of St. Vincent sang with Andrew Bird, and Thom Yorke came out during Modeselektor’s set to perform “Shipwreck.” The… More »

By: Andrew Youssef / April 23, 2012 - 5:49 pm

Watch Pulp, Frank Ocean, Arctic Monkeys, M83, Black Keys, And More Play Coachella 2012

Coachella is streaming (with some notable exceptions) at YouTube all weekend, and this morning a couple of archived sets found their way to the web. Head below to watch Pulp’s entire set, as well sets by Arctic Monkeys, Explosions In The Sky, Frank Ocean (which features a Tyler cameo and a Bob Dylan cover), and… More »

By: Corban Goble / April 14, 2012 - 1:12 pm
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