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Here's another clip from Our Show With Elliot Aronow, the downtown-arts web series nailing the alternageist by framing fringe-culture heroes in off-beat poses: There was Das Racist covering their…   Read Story »
Voluminously head-haired Bedford Ave. mascot Kyp Malone is just a cackling laugh, oratorical cadence, and three-piece suit away from being able to roll as Cornel West any given Halloween, so it's…   Read Story »
"Give Blood" came as the first listen from Rain Machine, and satisfied curiosity as to what a Kyp Malone solo project would sound like -- a lot like TV On The Radio! You could have framed it as an…   Read Story »
One last gargantuan batch of photos from an exhausting, exhaustive week of NYC showgoing. On Friday Jessica Amaya joined us at Doveman's record release party at the Elevated Hole, a Chelsea loft…   Read Story »
Kyp Malone releases his solo debut as Rain Machine today via ANTI-, so think of last night's tour kickoff at Brooklyn's Bell House as a hometown friends, fam, and neighbors album-release party. A…   Read Story »
Our first taste of Rain Machine, aka the solo project from TV On The Radio's Kyp Malone, was the chaotically upbeat "Give Blood." It didn't leave much space for you to catch your breath, if breath…   Read Story »
Here's the first single from Kyp Malone's ten-track solo debut LP. Kyp says the album is "a nearly full spectrum of frequencies audible to the human ear, a reflection of a variety of emotions and…   Read Story »