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Last night, Stephen Colbert ended his incredible nine-year run as host of The Colbert Report, airing his final episode. In the show's last-ever segment, Colbert brought a vast and head-spinning array…   Read Story »
Detroit dance-pop cheeseballs Dale Earnhardt Jr. Jr. aren't content with beasting out on the college-town touring circuit, and they're getting ready to release an honest-to-god mixtape that they're…   Read Story »
A while after we'd given up any hope of hearing it, Peter Gabriel is getting ready to release And I'll Scratch Yours, the album of artists like Arcade Fire and Bon Iver covering his songs. (It…   Read Story »
As we all know, there's nothing more relevant than the Rock & Roll Hall Of Fame. How else would we remember and recognize the greatness of bands like Led Zeppelin, the Beatles, and the Clash if not…   Read Story »
Earlier today, Rolling Stone announced that Albert King, Chic, Deep Purple, Donna Summer, Heart, Joan Jett and the Blackhearts, Kraftwerk, the Marvelettes, the Meters, N.W.A., Paul Butterfield Blues…   Read Story »
Florence Welsh brought her breakout single "Dog Days Are Over" and her cover of The Source's "You've Got The Love" to Saturday Night Live this weekend. The microphone in her hands could have been a…   Read Story »
Yesterday's Apple post included news that Randy Newman closed the Macworld keynote address with a bit of "You've Got A Friend In Me." Which is true enough, but before he got to the Toy Story fluff,…   Read Story »
Earlier today, Steve Jobs dictated to the world the probably unnecessary but exceedingly cool shit they'd find themselves helplessly, hungrily forking over their cash for this year. The annual…   Read Story »
Since we've been in a TV state of mind of late we're gonna just put it out there: Weeds has jumped the shark (yeah we're bringing the phrase back) ... BUT the Malvina Reynolds covers are always…   Read Story »
Last month, the Academy's perennial nominee Randy Newman saw "a slightly expurgated version" of the lyrics to his new song "A Few Words In Defense Of Our Country" run as an an op-ed piece in the New…   Read Story »