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Ratatat's video for "Drugs" is very terrifying, in a "Black Hole Sun" kind of way. LP4 is out via XL.   Read Story »
A couple of months ago MoMA PS1 Director Klaus Biesenbach -- the person who organized MoMA's ridiculously popular Marina Abramović exhibition, among other things -- asked me if I'd want to help…   Read Story »
Last time through, Ratatat showed us how to "Party With Children" (hint: procure a bird). In the video for "Mahalo" -- shot by 1/2 of the band, Evan Mast -- we get a meditative and muddy glimpse of…   Read Story »
Last time we checked in with Ratatat, they were performing "Pursuit Of Happiness" with Kid Cudi on Letterman (for another great collaboration, check out Ratatat/Despot's "Look Alive"). Now they've…   Read Story »
On Friday, Kid Cudi brought "Pursuit Of Happiness," a Ghostbusters t-shirt, and Ratatat (sans MGMT) to David Letterman. This live take on Man On The Moon's lit third single also comes with a trio of…   Read Story »
Following "Day 'N' Nite" and the Kanye and Common-featuring "Make Her Say," "Pursuit Of Happiness" is Man On The Moon: The End Of Day's third single and the first to feature the production of Ratatat…   Read Story »
Portland Filmmaker Dan Woods got a bunch of sorta-familiar indie rockers to sing "Gardenia," which is a fine backup plan when Stephen Malkmus is too much of a Jick to show up to his own video shoot.…   Read Story »
As the American economy continues to implode and whimper, it's somehow comforting (not really) to know Ratatat are keeping their LP3 video budget as low as the Stock Market. The NYC duo's recycled…   Read Story »
Remixes can be a dime a dozen (or a penny a laptop), but after listening to YACHT's tweaks of Stereolab and Ratatat tunes for a couple days, we figured they were more than worth posting. Jona…   Read Story »
We've seen the literally explosive video for Ratatat's toe and shrapnel-tapping "Mirando" and before that offered a more plaintive taste of LP3 with the purring down-tempo prog of "Shiller." Now the…   Read Story »