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Near the beginning of October, the great prog-sludge act Giant Squid announced that they were terminating their 12-plus-year career with an indefinite hiatus. Though Giant Squid is hardly a household name, they enjoyed a rabid cult following during much of their run, and many folks — myself included — considered them one of the brightest… More »

On their pummeling debut Indoctrine, extreme metal “supergroup” Blood Revolt sound like two different bands spliced or mashed together: We’re talking proud Celtic-metal epics and murky “chaotic black war” riots (with names like “Salvation At The Barrel Of A Gun”). More specifically, A.A. Nemtheanga from fist-pumping Irish crew Primordial bellows those powerful soaring Metal Blade-approved… More »

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Courtney Love Coming To Revenge

Courtney Love is continuing her recent string of acting gigs -- which kicked off with Sons Of Anarchy last year, and continued with a two-episode…
James Rettig | March 11, 2015 - 7:07 pm