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The video for The High End Of Low's "Running To The Edge Of The World" features Brian Warner up-close and remorsefully weepy when not beating a bloodied woman senseless. It is a painfully weak…   Read Story »
What was THAT?! Videogum breaks it down.   Read Story »
A portrait of a dystopian future: there will be fires, rituals, and scary masks, but a few things will stay the same: Rihanna still looks great in a garter belt and Jay-Z still attracts crowds when…   Read Story »
The Jay-Z news cycle's sped up in anticipation of The Blueprint 3, between "Death Of Auto-Tune," replacing the Beasties at APW, and having MGMT guest on the new LP. Get used to it. And while the…   Read Story »
A simple but well executed concept for the fifth 808s & Heartbreak video finds a determined Rihanna on an after hours cruise down a long and winding road. The night vision clip starts and ends with…   Read Story »
A photo of Rihanna near a taxi triggers Kanye's latest meditation on modern pop superstars: "Justin in the new Mike, Beyonce's the new Tina Turner, Gaga's Madonna, Jay is Sinatra... Wayne is Hendrix,…   Read Story »
Welcome to the Grammys 2009, which promises to be a very special night in which Radiohead will perform with the USC marching band (proof!) and Robert Plant & Alison Krauss will win all the awards. Of…   Read Story »
For the third year in a row, we've turned to master bootlegger team9 to take some of our favorite songs of the year and mash them together. On Stereogum & team9 Present... MySplice III you'll hear…   Read Story »
It tends to be a pretty good time when The Smoking Gun unearths these rocker tour riders. Mostly because we get to laugh at musicians' uncensored, exorbitant, diva-like demands and feel pretty good…   Read Story »
So, what's up guys? How's it going? We ask because we are bored care. The internet is so bad at being the internet today. But we are trying and casting a wide net (reading TMZ) and we are learning.…   Read Story »