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Kanye Dark Twisted Fantasy Leaking, Pre-Order Up

When not beefing with Bush or showing us his bushy beef, Kanye West makes music. The Bon Iver-guesting "Monster" has been floating around for awhile. You've also maybe watched the 35-minute "Runaway" video. You'll find "All Of The Lights" on My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy, too. This one won't take as long to process a… More »

By: brandon / November 4, 2010 - 3:11 pm

Taylor Momsen Covers The xx And Rihanna AT THE SAME TIME

Courtney Love already hates her, so Gossip Girl's Carrie Wright Taylor Momsen probably didn't think twice about dissing Rihanna in Spin a few weeks back. “People think pop is rock, and the lines are getting blurred," she said. "Now Rihanna’s wearing fucking leather jackets, and it’s really annoying.” Whoops. More »

By: Scott Lapatine / August 25, 2010 - 5:41 pm

Rihanna – “Rude Boy (Blondes Remix)” (Feat. Mariah Carey)

Dense/deeply hypnotic Brooklyn-via-Obelrin beat-duo Blondes turn out Rihanna's Billboard jam "Rude Boy," dialing up the stutter and splicing in a sustained slice of Mariah Carey melisma on this, the most Bushwick roofparty friendly take on a Rihanna track you're likely to hear all month. The cut comes from a five-song comp titled Autumn Feelings, available… More »

By: Amrit Singh / August 18, 2010 - 4:09 pm

Eminem (Feat. Rihanna) – “Love The Way You Lie” Video

Two artists with domestic abuse in their past doing a video about domestic abuse. Having Megan Fox and Dominic Monaghan helps drive the message home, if the message is that violent relationships are super sexy fun. Watch at Videogum. More »

By: jessica / August 6, 2010 - 10:06 am

Watch SNL‘s Smash Mouth Sketch, “We Are The World 25″ Parody

Jennifer Lopez hosted and performed even though she doesn't have an album or movie out anytime soon. She was the best part of a "We Are The World" parody, and a small part of the best-in-show Smash Mouth sketch. Watch at Videogum. (And compare Bill Hader's Eddie Vedder to Adam Sandler's circa '93.)… More »

By: stereogum / March 1, 2010 - 11:35 am

Hope For Haiti Now, Buy “Stranded (Haiti Mon Amour)”

A misleading post title, because of course we are all hoping for Haiti, and have been, day and night since a catastrophic earthquake decimated an already destitute society. We know our place in the order of things -- you should be going to your legit news site of choice regularly these days; Stereogum's here for… More »

By: Amrit Singh / January 22, 2010 - 4:51 pm

New Rihanna (Feat. Young Jeezy) Video – “Hard”

In this new video Rihanna claims to be "so hard" while constantly making hand gestures towards her crotch and grabbing said crotch. That's what she said. More »

By: brandon / December 17, 2009 - 5:46 pm

SNL Delivers Juggalos Parody, Rihanna With Shy Ronnie And Nuno Bettencourt

Blake Lively hosted the best SNL of the season? Believe it. And yes, that's Extreme's Nuno Bettencourt on guitar with Rihanna. More »

By: Amrit Singh / December 7, 2009 - 11:49 am

Marilyn Manson Hits A New Low

The video for The High End Of Low's "Running To The Edge Of The World" features Brian Warner up-close and remorsefully weepy when not beating a bloodied woman senseless. It is a painfully weak attempt at shock, sure. (As Videogum put it: "Maybe we shouldn't judge this video too harshly until we've seen it through… More »

By: brandon / November 6, 2009 - 5:22 pm

Chris Brown’s Larry King Interview

What was THAT?! Videogum breaks it down. More »

By: Scott Lapatine / September 3, 2009 - 6:26 pm

New Jay-Z (Feat. Rihanna & Kanye West) Video – “Run This Town”

A portrait of a dystopian future: there will be fires, rituals, and scary masks, but a few things will stay the same: Rihanna still looks great in a garter belt and Jay-Z still attracts crowds when he raps. Murderous, freaky, Mad Maxy sorta crowds. More »

By: Amrit Singh / August 20, 2009 - 11:18 am

New Jay-Z (Feat. Rihanna & Kanye West) – “Run This Town”

The Jay-Z news cycle's sped up in anticipation of The Blueprint 3, between "Death Of Auto-Tune," replacing the Beasties at APW, and having MGMT guest on the new LP. Get used to it. And while the auto-tune eulogy came as an early leaked mission statement, it's the poppy "Run This Town" that figures as the… More »

By: Amrit Singh / July 24, 2009 - 11:24 am

New Kanye West & Rihanna Video – “Paranoid”

A simple but well executed concept for the fifth 808s & Heartbreak video finds a determined Rihanna on an after hours cruise down a long and winding road. The night vision clip starts and ends with the photogenic lingerie-clad pop star in bed; those aforementioned driving scenes are a dream sequence. Close-ups show her face… More »

By: Scott Lapatine / May 21, 2009 - 1:12 am

Kanye Gives Props To Paparazzi

A photo of Rihanna near a taxi triggers Kanye's latest meditation on modern pop superstars: "Justin in the new Mike, Beyonce's the new Tina Turner, Gaga's Madonna, Jay is Sinatra... Wayne is Hendrix, Thom Yorke is Roger Waters..." I thought Jamie Foxx was Sinatra? More »

By: Scott Lapatine / May 20, 2009 - 1:37 pm

Liveblogging The 2009 Grammys

Welcome to the Grammys 2009, which promises to be a very special night in which Radiohead will perform with the USC marching band (proof!) and Robert Plant & Alison Krauss will win all the awards. Of course with all the promised performances there will be barely any time to hand out tiny gramophones. So far… More »

By: Amrit Singh / February 8, 2009 - 7:00 pm

Stereogum & team9 Present… MySplice III: 2008 Mashed Up

For the third year in a row, we've turned to master bootlegger team9 to take some of our favorite songs of the year and mash them together. On Stereogum & team9 Present... MySplice III you'll hear familiar blog hits from artists like Lykke Li, of Montreal, the Breeders, Bloc Party, Crystal Castles, and Beck remixed… More »

By: Scott Lapatine / December 16, 2008 - 6:17 pm

M.I.A. Is Particular About Her Cheese

It tends to be a pretty good time when The Smoking Gun unearths these rocker tour riders. Mostly because we get to laugh at musicians' uncensored, exorbitant, diva-like demands and feel pretty good that we're nowhere near that silly as we wash down Cheetos with swigs of our Big Gulps at our sweet cubicles i… More »

By: Amrit Singh / November 10, 2008 - 10:56 am

Rihanna Covers M.I.A.

So, what's up guys? How's it going? We ask because we are bored care. The internet is so bad at being the internet today. But we are trying and casting a wide net (reading TMZ) and we are learning. For instance! Rihanna has been nibbling on Chris Brown's drumsticks at KFC. But wait, there's more. More »

By: Amrit Singh / May 9, 2008 - 4:50 pm

Rihanna And Klaxons’ “Umbrella” Collaboration Is MDMAzing

No, we didn't expect to engage in so much midnight Brit blogging, either. But after teasing the award show's most headscratchingest song-meld ("Umbrella" + "Golden Skans"), we knew this, at least, would be something worth a post. The reigning Mercury Prize winners sported outfits by pill-poppers, for pill-poppers and merged their tune's backbeat and "oooh"… More »

By: Amrit Singh / February 21, 2008 - 1:00 am

Before Castro Resigned, The Manic Street Preachers Played For Him In Cuba (And Later They Covered Rihanna)

We can hear the car horns in Miami from here -- today's big news in the real world is Fidel Castro's resignation as Cuba's #1 Commie. In related news: Drinks are most definitely on Raúl Castro tonight. The music angle? Torr brings it by taking a look back at Fidel-era Cuba's "Western rock band" history,… More »

By: Amrit Singh / February 19, 2008 - 4:06 pm
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