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You know the Mad Men theme; you love the Mad Men theme. Perhaps you know it's an RJD2 beat called "A Beautiful Mine" originally used on his collaborative album with Aceyalone, Magnificent City.…   Read Story »
RJD2's 2013 LP More Is Than Isn't found the Columbus-seasoned, Philly-situated musician in fine form, compiling a bunch of the exultant horn-laden breakbeats that made him a household name circa…   Read Story »
Around the turn of the millennium, RJD2 made his name with a flurry of grimy yet colorful hip-hop productions for powerhouse backpacker hip-hop labels like Fondle 'Em and Rawkus. That rise culminated…   Read Story »
Though RJD2's first single for More Is Than Isn't (his first album in three years) was typically instrumental, we knew that there would be collaborations on the way. Now you can hear "Temperamental,"…   Read Story »
The veteran instrumental hip-hop producer (and Mad Men theme-music guy) RJD2 released his last solo album three years ago, and he's only just announce plans for More Is Than Isn't, the follow-up. The…   Read Story »
I wouldn't have thought of it, but now that I think about it, Divine Fits' excellent single "Would That Not Be Nice" is a prime candidate for remixes. It's a strong central pulse with a serious hook…   Read Story »
Def Jux collective members RJD2, Copywrite, Jakki Da Motamouth and Tage Future reunite as MHz Legacy for "Spaceship," a Harry Fraud-produced jam that operates on some drunk synths and snapping…   Read Story »
The sample-based IDM of rjd2 (FKA RJD2) has evolved in recent years to take advantage of the producer's R&B and singer-songwriter-y tendencies. His 2010 LP The Colossus featured vocal cameos from…   Read Story »
The Colossus seems like RJD2 putting his sample-based work alongside his more recent singer-songwriter-y tendencies. The two Colossus flavors so far demonstrate this: "Let There Be Horns" connected…   Read Story »
"Games You Can Win," our first sample of RJD2's forthcoming The Colossus came with a "featuring Kenna" attached to it. This Thom Glunt, Jr.-directed video for "Let There Be Horns" features the…   Read Story »