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I don’t like admitting this, but Roach Gigz used to give me headaches. When the San Francisco rapper first got internet attention for his first Roachy Balboa mixtape three years ago, just about every rap critic I respect immediately started touting him as an exciting young prospect, and they weren’t wrong. Gigz can rap his… More »

After last week’s bounty of videos, things slowed way down this week, and that’s too bad. The best video of the week was the one where the camera more-or-less holds steady on the band for almost the entire length of the clip. The second-best one is the crass TV-show tie-in. Still, there’s some fun stuff… More »

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Roach Gigz – “It’s Lit” (feat. Iamsu!) Video (Stereogum Premeire)

Two weeks ago, I gave Mixtape Of The Week to Roachy Balboa Round 3, the new one from San Francisco's Roach Gigz. One of the…
Tom Breihan | August 14, 2013 - 2:33 pm