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Sufjan Stevens has presumably been dreaming of playing a show with 50 Cent ever since he picked out that outfit for Sisyphus' "Booty Call" video. Later this year, he'll get his chance. It's for a…   Read Story »
These days, every famous person is friends with every other famous person, and we get stark and mostly-inexplicable reminders of that every day. So here's today's: On Saturday night, at a benefit…   Read Story »
The most fabulous Roots crew have a new record out soon, and it looks like they're raising awareness by any means necessary: whether that entails collaborating with a Fall Out boy (see "Birthday…   Read Story »
Rosie's insensitive Asian-American imitations got the community worked up, and while she finally got around to apologizing, Jin Tha MC is still holding a grudge. And he wrote a song about it! From…   Read Story »