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Recently, Norwegian space-disco producer Todd Terje remixed "Love Is The Drug," the classic early Roxy Music single, and turned it into a seven-minute disco throwdown without tweaking it too heavily.…   Read Story »
Songs and remixers don't often pair off this perfectly. As a production duo, Norwegian dance dudes Hans-Peter Lindstrøm and Prins Thomas specialize in a luxuriant, champagne-dipped form of…   Read Story »
A big week for former Roxy Music leader Bryan Ferry! Newsday reports that the dapper, 66-year-old glam veteran got married, for the second time, to 29-year-old Amanda Sheppard on January 4. The…   Read Story »
It's a new year, and every Thursday, we're going to be publishing a new list in this space. You guys like lists, right? Good! For our first one, we got to talking about Guided By Voices, who just…   Read Story »
When we first wrote about Bryan Ferry's forthcoming solo effort Olympia, I put the "solo" in square quotes because the 10-song collection includes a number of guests -- Nile Rodgers, David Gilmour,…   Read Story »
Bryan Ferry's forthcoming "solo" album Olympia finds the Roxy Music frontman collaborating with Radiohead classicist Jonny Greenwood, Red Hot Chili Pepper/Atoms For Peace bassist Flea, Nile Rodgers,…   Read Story »
The glammy Italians Do It Better-associated Nite Jewel, aka Ramona Gonzalez backed by Emily Jane, give Roxy Music's "Lover" a lo-tech go on their Good Evening LP. If you close your eyes, it's a…   Read Story »
After fine, thoughtful covers of Depeche Mode and Sunny Day Real Estate, it's getting hard to remember what Division Day's own songs sound like. Well, let's wait a bit longer to refresh our memories…   Read Story »