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As Ryan Adams explained in our recent interview, he suffers from Ménière's Disease, a disorder of the inner ear that causes spontaneous episodes of vertigo. He explained it like so: "If somebody…   Read Story »
In the early to mid aughts, Ryan Adams was releasing music at a superhuman rate, and writing it with greater prolificacy still. Then he slowed down a lot -- primarily due to his bout with Ménière's…   Read Story »
Yesterday we learned the next entry in Ryan Adams' 7" series would be "Do You Laugh When You Lie?" backed with "By The Way" and "I'm In Love With You." Adams wasted no time performing the A-side; he…   Read Story »
After a few years of silence, Ryan Adams has gone back to his old prolific ways with his new 7-inch series, which so far has included "Vampires," "Jacksonville," and the 1984 EP. He's announced the…   Read Story »
Ryan Adams and Bryan Adams both share a birthday (which is today -- happy birthday, guys!), and they made their admiration for each other known in a series of tweets today. The once contentious…   Read Story »
Last week, Superchunk frontman Mac McCaughin fulfilled a Halloween tradition by sharing a solo cover of the Sisters Of Mercy's "First And Last And Always." This week, he's assembled his full band to…   Read Story »
Even with my never-ending obsession with music from the early '80s, it's a pretty rare opportunity when I get the chance to write anything about my favorites from that era. Last week, one of those…   Read Story »
"Stay With Me" is one of the most Bryan-Adams-y songs on Ryan's new highly Bryan-esque self-titled LP. It is not a cover of the Sam Smith song; in fact, there's a good chance Adams has never heard…   Read Story »
With the way Ryan Adams churns out music, it makes sense that he would be able to come up with a decent song right on the spot. That's exactly what he did at San Francisco's Hardly Strictly Bluegrass…   Read Story »
Ryan Adams has been touring with a full band lately, and nobody has been complaining. But the man does some of his best work when he's full-on solo acoustic, and that's basically the version of him…   Read Story »