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The Swedish singer-songwriter José González has a bunch of songs on the soundtrack to The Secret Life Of Walter Mitty, Ben Stiller's adaptation of the beloved book about an office drone who dreams…   Read Story »
Reunited emo stars Fall Out Boy don't get a lot of credit around these parts, but we should at least give them props for their range. Earlier this year, they released their ostentatiously titled…   Read Story »
Before becoming A-list pop stars due to factors musical (gussying up their sound with soulful flourishes and studio panache) and nonmusical (bassist/mouthpiece Pete Wentz marrying and divorcing…   Read Story »
Ryan Adams returns to his country-gleaned roots with new track "When Pigs Fly." The one-off comes from an album accompanying an upcoming new book Frog Trouble from acclaimed writer and illustrator…   Read Story »
Lou Barlow has launched a brand new YouTube channel dedicated to covering his favorite songs. He kicks things off with Ryan Adams' "Two," taking the slowed country track and flipping it acoustic.…   Read Story »
Ryan Adams can be a little feisty on Twitter -- we've seen it ourselves -- and yesterday he @'d Sean Hannity in response to a tweet the Fox News correspondent made about role models: .@seanhannity…   Read Story »
A couple of nights ago, Ryan Adams played at London's Royal Albert Hall for Noel Gallagher's Teenage Cancer Trust benefit. This was his first show with a full backing band in about four years, and…   Read Story »
Ryan Adams and buddies Johnny T. Yerington and Leah Hennessey have formed punk band Pornography and are slated to release a seven-song 7" for Record Store Day. Adams will also make his first live…   Read Story »
Ryan Adams has been getting some mileage out of "Shine Through The Dark," a song he originally recorded for the 2011 benefit comp Live From Nowhere Near You and re-recorded for the soundtrack to Judd…   Read Story »
Last year, Ryan Adams contributed a new song called "Shine Through The Dark" to the benefit compilation Live From Nowhere Near You. And now a newly recorded version of that same song will show up in…   Read Story »