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Late last year, the Canadian producer Ryan Hemsworth released a collab-heavy mini album called Alone For The First Time that didn't really get enough attention. The record was full of oblique,…   Read Story »
Ryan Hemsworth's Secret Songs project has become a treasure trove of under-the-radar producers and up-and-coming artists. Besides releasing a new song every week, they also got into the compilation…   Read Story »
Last year, the Canadian producer Ryan Hemsworth released Guilt Trips, his dazed and excellent debut album. Next month, he'll follow it up with his just-announced sophomore LP Alone For The First…   Read Story »
So it has been one hell of a week. And just when we thought it was all wrapped up, Thom Yorke comes outta nowhere and hits us with a whole new album. That's not even fair! Is it? Well, fair or not,…   Read Story »
Ryan Hemsworth's Secret Song series is a great source for finding up-and-coming producers. Case in point: dd elle's "Tell Me" from earlier this month. Now Hemsworth has put out a Secret Songs comp…   Read Story »
Ryan Hemsworth has been taking the time recently to shine the spotlight on other artists with his Secret Songs label, which has put out singles from Ricky Eat Acid, DD Elle, and more, but he's ready…   Read Story »
One of the last things the promising young rapper/producer Tory Lanez says on "Mama Told Me" is "I'm a rich young nigga from the 416," and yeah, his delivery is bound to remind you of Toronto's most…   Read Story »
Ryan Hemsworth has teamed up with 8-bit producer Tomggg for "Cream Soda," a song as sweet as the name suggests. The track sounds like a Super Mario tune and an ice cream truck jingle swirled together…   Read Story »
When I spoke with Heems over the winter, he mentioned an upcoming EP with British actor Riz Ahmed (AKA Riz MC) under the name Sweatshop Boys. Turns out they're spelling it Swet Shop Boys (pun), and…   Read Story »
The genre-blurring Canadian producer Ryan Hemsworth made his name, in large part, by throwing these great tracks and remixes up on Soundcloud. Hemsworth has moved into the album-creating phase of his…   Read Story »