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With Junior the Röyksopp dudes (here pictured with a green banana nosed guy, you are welcome) made some sweet music with Swedish sirens Lykke Li, and Fever Ray, and Robyn, and continued that collab…   Read Story »
Robyn's Body Talk PT 1 will be here in June, and the bits that have leaked so far ("Fembot," "Dance Hall Queen,") have only make us more eager to hear the rest. "None Of Dem" is the collaboration…   Read Story »
It's not surprising to hear that shadowy, electro-inclined outfit Salem chose the Fever Ray track from Röyksopp's Junior LP for their remixing purposes; the Michigan/Chicago/New York trio bury their…   Read Story »
Röyksopp's futuristic "The Girl & The Robot" video starred a lonesome stay-at-home Robyn longing for her electro-mechanical man. "This Must Be It" includes the voice of Karin Dreijer Andersson,…   Read Story »
As those production stills suggested, the Michael Baldwin-directed video for oft performed "The Girl & The Robot" offers a very literal interpretation of the track. Basically, we find poor lonesome…   Read Story »
Röyksopp have rightly identified their Robyn collab "The Girl And The Robot" as the flagship piece of their junior LP Junior, making it an early listen and the focus of their first television…   Read Story »
It seems the Norwegian duo have been pretty video camera shy since their support tour of Melody A.M., so it makes sense that they broke their live TV abstinence on the track that Robyn guests on. She…   Read Story »
The Swede reprised her studio turn for Junior's "The Girl And The Robot" at London's Royal Festival Hall. We're told Karin Dreijer Andersson, who assisted Röyksopp on a number of songs and opened…   Read Story »
Connect the dots between "Happy Up Here," "The Girl And The Robot," and "Miss It So Much" at MySpace. Karin Dreijer for the win on ecstatic standout "Tricky Tricky."   Read Story »
Yesterday we presented Robyn's Röyksopp assist "The Girl And The Robot." Today Lykke Li makes her previously mentioned Junior presence known via a vocal turn on "Miss It So Much," a bittersweet…   Read Story »