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Sleater-Kinney still haven't made any music videos for No Cities To Love, the triumphant comeback album that finally arrives next week. Maybe they won't! Why do Sleater-Kinney need to make a music…   Read Story »
The Dean Fleischer-Camp-directed music video for "We Do Not Belong" by Will Shwartz's new group Psychic Friend stars Sarah Silverman, which might be why most people should watch it twice. There's an…   Read Story »
"This is a lot of Alpha energy to wrangle," Guster's Ryan Miller said in testament to Alex Levy and the Cabin Down Below Band's work last night. "This is a hard thing to organize." And that's…   Read Story »
Her descriptions this time are much more entertaining than last (on "Sentimental Heart": "it's heartbreaking and we used it in a show in a story line where my sister Laura is kind of pressured to…   Read Story »
As we all know, the best way to get even with a cheating girlfriend is to go out and sleep with a guy. But an even better way to get even with a cheating girlfriend is to sleep with a famous guy,…   Read Story »
You know how Kimmel's always apologizing for running out of time on Matt Damon? Will Hunting's getting even. Sarah wrote a song about it. It's funnier than you think it's gonna be. How did you…   Read Story »
It's not so much that she likes the Killers (if they're good enough for Lou Reed...), but the supplemental commentary borders on a Jennifer Garner level of duh. To wit:"In The Winter" - Janis Ian "I…   Read Story »
When it comes to Sarah, occasionally we'll hear friends say stuff like "Someone forgot to tell her she should try to be funny while being so mean." Yeah, her monologue to open the VMAs sorta sucked…   Read Story »
You've been waiting patiently all weekend, so let's get this thing going. Welcome to this year's MTV Video Music Awards, this year featuring three whole awards dedicated to videos! We've been…   Read Story »
NME, who has yet to sell us on this New Rave thing, takes a breather from the Shitdisco coverage to investigate the next big thing: Brazilian music! They've asked the 10th coolest person in music,…   Read Story »