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'Tis the season to say "'tis the season" too much. 'Tis also the season to reflect on the year that was, eat too much, see family, and get nostalgic with your favorite holiday tunes. But since we're…   Read Story »
I'm as much of a comedy dork as I am a music dork. So every year at Bonnaroo I stop by the comedy tent. It's air-conditioned. Some of my favorite comedians will be there this year, so I asked a few…   Read Story »
From the "no shit!" tag cloud comes this post about how musicians love HBO's classic Mr. Show. If I was stuck on a tour bus for months, there's nothing I'd rather rewatch. Truth be told, Stereogum…   Read Story »
On behalf of Stereogum, I'd like to officially join the War on Christmas by linking to "Give the Jew Girl Toys" by Sarah Silverman. It's directed by Liam Lynch and stars a certain comedian of…   Read Story »
We totally heart Sarah Silverman and write about her all the time. She was the best part of The Aristocrats, Mr. Show, Pilot Season, and Saturday Night Live '93-'94. Jesus Is Magic (based on her…   Read Story »
Spend Rosh Hashanah with Sarah Silverman:Tuesday, September 14 @ 8:00 PM Wednesday, September 15 @ 8:00 PM Thursday, September 16 @ 10:00 PMAll shows are at Ars Nova (511 W. 54th Street, NYC). Tix…   Read Story »
The only American magazine that loves making lists more than the exciteable British press is Entertainment Weekly. I'm gonna spotlight some of the choices I agree with, but refrain from suggesting…   Read Story »
From The Sarah Show: Jest Pilot We know what TV producers will be watching next year. Sarah Silverman is working with her ex-boyfriend Sam Seder on an insider-friendly TV mini-series…   Read Story »
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