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For decades now, the Red Hot Organization has been raising money for AIDS awareness by putting together finely curated compilations, and their next one could be amazing. The forthcoming double-CD…   Read Story »
True to form, Scissor Sisters deliver another high-concept visual for "Baby Come Home" following the imaginative clips for "Shady Love" and "Only The Horses." This one's more of a graphic design…   Read Story »
To date, Scissor Sisters have teed up two videos from next week's Magic Hour LP: "Shady Love" which featured cute kids and Azealia Banks, and "Only The Horses" which featured platforms and horses.…   Read Story »
Following up the memorable clip for "Shady Love," Scissor Sisters come through with the sharp visual for Magic Hour's "Only The Horses," which is definitely a metaphor for something. Watch it…   Read Story »
Not that many people released music videos in the first week of the year, though I can't quite figure out why. The world is back at work, it's cold outside, and we need flashy images to occupy our…   Read Story »
It's been a second since we heard from glitter pop specialists Scissor Sisters -- they basically took 2011 off, it would seem -- but over the weekend they dropped a memorable video for their new…   Read Story »
New York just became the 6th largest state to approve same-sex marriage. Yes! The Senate bill passed 33-to-29, Governor Cuomo signed the measure shortly after, and the law goes into effect in 30…   Read Story »
Festival photography is generally delivered from the vantage of the photo pits, and so we did, but this year we decided to present a more unique perspective on Bonnaroo's sights. With the help of…   Read Story »
This week we've got new videos from Scissor Sisters, Adele, Broken Social Scene, Suckers, and Fujiya & Miyagi. One thing I noticed about this week's top five videos -- they were all directed by…   Read Story »
Ace Norton directs this video for "Any Which Way," using his trademark technique of mixing in every day objects -- plastic fruit, plastic cups, desk lamps -- to dazzling, colorful effect. Also on…   Read Story »