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One more from Happy In Golashes. Not as good as "Paralysis," which means modern rock radio will probably love it. Hear it at MySpace.   Read Story »
The ever troubled Stone Temple Revolver singer lets the internet in on some sounds from his (partially) Steve Albini produced solo record today. According to Blabbermouth, the track "Paralysis" was…   Read Story »
The STP frontman is barely able to pilot himself across a stage, but Billboard reports his second solo album Happy will be out 11/18 via his label Softdrive: Steve Albini did some engineering, the…   Read Story »
As we continue documenting the downfall of grunge's old guard, it's worth noting Scott Weiland's still a mess. Velvet Revolver might be reduced to joining forces with Spacehog, but Weiland recently…   Read Story »
No sooner do we mention Amy Winehouse's return to form in Lisbon than Scott Weiland reminds us about his own wobbly self. Looks like the Stone Temple Pilots reunion is going about as swimmingly as we…   Read Story »
Last night the gods of '90s-era modern rock radio wept a tear of happiness when the newly reunited Stone Temple Pilots performed "Vaseline" and didn't entirely suck (although Scott gets a little too…   Read Story »
It feels like we've typed the words "Scott Weiland" more times in the past month than during the height of the grunge era. Fair enough, we didn't have a blog during the height of the grunge era, but…   Read Story »
We've been keeping you apprised of the Velvet Revolver drama. Now it's time for a bit of Stone Temple Pilots non-drama. After being fired by Slash & Co. last week, Scott Weiland played his first set…   Read Story »
That was a pun, but also, it's true. Maybe you've had enough Velvet Revolver for the time being, but since we've followed the soap opera this far, we can't leave you with a cliff hanger. Responding…   Read Story »
Last week we reported on Velvet Revolver's bitchy blog posts after on-stage drama in Glasgow and the path they were taking toward a breakup. Turns out the Revolvers will keep on keeping on, but…   Read Story »