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Here Are Some Afternoon Links!

Lindsay Lohan met Shaq. THE END, I JUST THOUGHT YOU'D LIKE TO KNOW. -Celebuzz Have you not yet gotten enough Breaking Bad promotion? Then maybe you want to listen to Vince Gilligan on The Nerdist! -Nerdist Want to watch Tom Hiddleston sing “The Bare Necessities" from Disney’s The Jungle Book at the D23 expo? More »

By: Kelly Conaboy / August 12, 2013

Here Are Some Morning Links!

Baldwin Brother OR Elks' Lodge Leader from the 1960s? -Uproxx Jason Bateman & Jimmy Fallon in Real People, Fake Arms -TastefullyOffensive Shaq lip-syncs to Beyoncé's "Halo" at The Super Bowl -PleatedJeans The Most Shocking Scandals Of The 2013 Puppy Bowl -OhNoTheyDidn't Why Breaking Bad Has The Best Cars On Television -More »

By: Mary Miller / February 4, 2013

The Videogum Why Don’t YOU Caption It? Contest: Shaq On The Set Of Grown Ups 2

Last night I watched a documentary about "The Dream Team," the 1992 USA Olympic basketball team that had every famous basketball player in the entire world on it, not because I am interested in any word that I just wrote but because sometimes in life you have to make compromises, and in the documentary they… More »

By: Kelly Conaboy / July 5, 2012