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Shout Out Louds – “14th Of July (Jens Lekman Remix)”

Earlier this year, the slick Swedish new wavers Shout Out Louds released their new album Optica, and now their countryman Jens Lekman has reworked “14th Of July,” one shinier of its tracks. You probably won’t be surprised to learn that Lekman has made the song sound like one of his own, adding whimsical soft-pop string… More »

By: Tom Breihan / June 13, 2013 - 2:13 pm

Watch Shout Out Louds Play Leno

Sweden’s Shout Out Louds performed on last night’s Leno to promote their album Optica. Following interviews with guests Tyler Perry and Isla Fischer, the band performed album cut “Walking In Your Footsteps.” Check it out below. More »

By: Claire Lobenfeld / May 24, 2013 - 12:04 pm

Shout Out Louds – “Illusions” Video

The Swedish indie-pop band Shout Out Louds shared their new video for the catchy single “Illusions” off of their latest release Optica. In the video, a nervous brunette takes a stab at speed dating — she encounters an assortment of over-eager weirdos and is forced to dance with them under a strobe light. It sound… More »

By: Gabriela Tully Claymore / April 22, 2013 - 1:42 pm

Stream Shout Out Louds Optica

The endlessly smooth and professional Swedish new-wavers Shout Out Louds are about a week away from releasing Optica, their latest collection of gleaming pop-rock. We’ve already posted their songs “Blue Ice,” “Walking In Your Footsteps,” and “Illusions,” and now the entire thing is streaming online. Stream the full hour-long LP below. More »

By: Tom Breihan / February 19, 2013 - 5:25 pm

Shout Out Louds – “Illusions”

Later this month, Swedish studio-rock professionals Shout Out Louds drop their new album Optica, and we’ve already posted videos for their singles “Blue Ice” and “Walking In Your Footsteps.” Now here’s another early track, a ridiculously slick piece of Scandinavian songcraft called “Illusions.” The new Phoenix album is still a few months off, but jam… More »

By: Tom Breihan / February 7, 2013 - 11:14 am

Shout Out Louds – “Walking In Your Footsteps” Video

Swedish new wave artisans Shout Out Louds have a new album called Optica coming soon, and they’ve already made a video for first single “Blue Ice.” In the clip for “Walking In Your Footsteps,” the disco-addled follow-up, the band slo-mo dances through diamond-scattered light. The band co-directs alongside Frode&Marcus; watch it below. More »

By: Tom Breihan / January 18, 2013 - 12:48 pm

Shout Out Louds – “Blue Ice” Video

Last week, we posted “Blue Ice,” the emotively precise new single from the Swedish band Shout Out Louds. And now here’s the mostly-CGI video, in which faces and bodies drift across the expanses of space and the camera runs laps around Saturn’s rings. Johan Toorell directs the psychedelic clip, which you can watch below. More »

By: Tom Breihan / December 4, 2012 - 10:45 am

Shout Out Louds – “Blue Ice”

A 7″ single made out of ice is a ridiculous thing that obviously should not exist, but Merge is still putting together 10 extremely limited ice-boxes pressed with “Blue Ice,” the first single in a few years from the Swedish band Shout Out Louds. The song itself is a smooth and pretty in a downbeat… More »

By: Tom Breihan / November 27, 2012 - 4:27 pm

Shout Out Louds Cover Band Of Horses

The Swedes make BoH’s “There Is A Ghost” sound like an airier Shout Out Louds song then pair it with an excursion to an industrial park where they ponder the silence that met the release of Infinite Arms. More »

By: brandon / August 27, 2010 - 4:33 pm

New Shout Out Louds – “Walls”

Today folks have been discussing the change in sound the Dodos underwent at the hands (and click tracks?) of Seattle producer Phil Ek. Now you get a chance to hear what the Shout Out Louds sound like after emerging from the same studio (hint: no string section, bells, whistles). The streamlined, upbeat (hang in there)… More »

By: brandon / December 3, 2009 - 2:48 pm

Coachella: Sunday In Photos

By Amrit Singh & Brandon Stosuy
When we arrived Sunday we didn’t have to wait in line or battle our way through the parking lots. Not because we’re some important VIP’s — there just wasn’t anyone there. The crowd picked up a bit throughout the day, and was more than respectable for the… More »

By: brandon / April 28, 2008 - 9:43 am

Lykke Li Performs With Swedish Indie All Stars

Sure it was charming when Lykke sang “I’m Good, I’m Gone” in a bathroom. But get your mind out of the toilet and observe: the sweet Swedishness of this clip simply cannot be touched. Here’s Ms. Li with special guests Robyn, Adam & Bebban (Shout Out Louds), Daniel (The Concretes), Lars (Laakso) and Mikael (Hjalmar). More »

By: Amrit Singh / February 4, 2008 - 4:49 pm

Stereogum Presents… Drive XV: A Tribute To Automatic For The People

After OKX, our 10-year cover tribute to the Radiohead classic OK Computer, we soon began narrowing the list of prospects for our next celebratory project: sifting, sorting, debating, etc. But when we realized we were approaching a decade and a half since the release of R.E.M.’s Automatic For The People (originally released 10/5/92)… More »

By: Stereogum / October 2, 2007 - 12:30 pm

10. Shout Out Louds – “Man On The Moon”

Shout Out Louds On “Man On The Moon”
“The whole band are big fans of Andy Kaufman and that is the reason why we choose that song. We used a lot of bongos because Andy was a hell of a bongo player. I think he would really like this version. Michael (Stipe) is doing a… More »

By: Stereogum / September 25, 2007 - 3:28 pm

Shout Out Louds Busk For The Camera

SoL setup shop on the streets of Stockholm for a La Blogothèque style guerilla vid, toting an electric bass with Bebban packing a glock. Some lyric flubs, but it makes ‘em all the more precious. Besides, this song is acoustic-jangle pop bliss. Watch it at PSL.

If you missed it last… More »

By: Stereogum / June 22, 2007 - 5:08 pm

New Shout Out Louds – “Don’t Get Yourself Involved”

Last we saw any of the Shout Out Louds, Bebban was subbing for Victoria on a crowd-tickling “Young Folks” for the Coachella kids, which reminded us how much we missed SoL. After being an integral igniter of the exploding Swedish pop scene in ’05 with Howl Howl Gaff Gaff, Shout Out Louds come back to… More »

By: Stereogum / June 5, 2007 - 11:04 am